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AL-Oraibi, S., Moore, A., Dawson, V.L. and Balloch, Susan (2011) Impact of culture on rehabilitation services for stroke patients in developing countries: Jordanian perspective International Journal of Disability, Community and Rehabilitation, 10 (1). ISSN 1703-3381

Abanmy, Norah (2011) Neurocognitive function, renin-angiotensin function and polymorphism in chronic kidney disease patients Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Abdelghaffar, W.A., Elwardany, A.E. and Sazhin, Sergei (2011) Modelling of the processes in Diesel engine-like conditions: effects of fuel heating and evaporation Atomization and Sprays, 20 (8). pp. 1278-1288. ISSN 1045-5110

Abel, Mark (2011) Groove: an aesthetic of measured time Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Aboagye-Nimo, Emmanuel, Raiden, Ani and Tietze, Susanne (2011) Investigating good health and safety practices in small construction firms in the United Kingdom In: Proceedings 27th Annual ARCOM Conference, Bristol, UK, 2011.

Adams, Matthew and Raisborough, Jayne (2011) Encountering the fairtrade farmer: solidarity, stereotypes and the self-control ethos Papers on Social Representation, 20. 8.1-8.21. ISSN 1021-5573

Adams, Matthew and Raisborough, Jayne (2011) The self-control ethos and the 'chav': unpacking cultural representations of the white working class Culture & Psychology, 17 (1). pp. 81-97. ISSN 1354-067X

Adams, Matthew, Walker, Carl and O'Connell, Paul (2011) Invisible or involved fathers? A content analysis of representations of parenting in young children's picturebooks Sex Roles, 65 (3-4). pp. 259-270. ISSN 0360-0025

Adeyeye, Oluwakemi (2011) Beyond the minimum requirement: policy-led strategies for increasing water efficiency in buildings Research fellowship report, EPSRC/DEFRA policy fellowship.

Adeyeye, Oluwakemi (2011) Household toolkit for water efficiency in existing domestic buildings In: Sixth International Conference on Construction in the 21st Century (CITV-VI Construction Challenges in the New Decade) , 5-7 Jul 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Adeyeye, Oluwakemi, Piroozfar, Amir, Painting, Noel and Ahmed, A. (2011) Intensive teaching blocks in design disciplines: a practical application CEBE Transactions, 8 (1). pp. 74-98. ISSN 1745-0322

Agnew, Kieran, Cundy, Andrew, Hopkinson, Laurence, Croudace, I.W., Warwick, P.E. and Purdie, P. (2011) Electrokinetic remediation of plutonium-contaminated nuclear site soil wastes: results from a pilot-scale on-site trial Journal of Hazardous Materials, 186 (2-3). pp. 1405-1414. ISSN 0304-3894

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Ali, Nour and Solís, Carlos (2011) Managing requirements elicitation knowledge using a Spatial Hypertext Wiki In: Ramachandran, M., ed. Knowledge engineering for software development life cycles: support technologies and applications. Information Science Reference, Hershey, PA, USA, pp. 68-83. ISBN 9781609605094

Ali, Nour and Solís, Carlos (2011) An experience using a spatial hypertext Wiki In: Proceedings of the 22nd ACM conference on hypertext and hypermedia, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 6-9 June, 2011.

Ali, Nour and Tuosta, Emilio (2011) Architectural models of Ambient-PRISMA in Channel Ambient Calculus In: Proceedings of the 34th software engineering workshop (SEW), University of Limerick, Ireland, 20-21 June 2011.

Ali, Tomader Faroug Mohammed (2011) Protection of pancreatic beta cells by rosiglitazone - mechanisms and pathways Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Allen, Jane (2011) Pharmacokinetics of antibiotics in adults with major burns Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Allison, L. (2011) The ideals of the founding father: mythologised, evolved or betrayed? In: Sugden, J. and Tomlinson, A, eds. Watching the Olympics: Politics, Power and Representation. Routledge, London, pp. 18-35. ISBN 0415578337

Ambrose, Gavin (2011) The Fundamentals of Creative Design AVA Publishing, London. ISBN 9782940411610

Ambrosio, L., Nicolais, Luigi, Salvage, Jonathan, Santin, Matteo and Standen, Guy (2011) Bioactive and resorbable soybean-based biomaterials .

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Anders, J., Smith, S. and Mcinnes, Alistair (2011) Developing an educational resource about preventing foot problems for people with diabetes: Part 2 - Creating and testing the resource and assessing its initial impact Journal of Communication in Healthcare, 4 (3). pp. 157-168. ISSN 1753-8068

Anderson, David (2011) A layman’s guide to the KEEP legal studies [Report (for external body)]

Anderson, David, Ciuffreda, Antonio, Delve, Janet, Konstantelos, Leo, Pinchbeck, D., Bergmeyer, W., Lange, A. and Joguin, V. (2011) Towards an integrated media transfer environment: a comparative summary of available transfer tools and recommendations for the development of a toolset for the preservation of complex digital objects In: iPRES 2011 - 8th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects, Singapore, 1-11 November, 2011.

Anderson, David, Delve, Janet, Dobreva, M. and Konstantelos, Leo (2011) Testing and evaluation in digital preservation projects: the case of KEEP In: The 6th SEEDI Conference, Digitization of Cultural and Scientific Heritage, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, 18-20 May 2011.

Anderson, David, Delve, Janet, Konstantelos, Leo, Ciuffreda, Antonio, Billenness, Clive, Jackson, A., Wilson, C., Dindorf, M. and Joguin, V. (2011) Media transfer services integration using the Planets Interoperability Framework (OPF) [Report (for external body)]

Anderson, David, Delve, Janet, Konstantelos, Leo, Ciuffreda, Antonio and Dobreva, M. (2011) TOTEM: Trusted Online Technical Environment Metadata: a long-term solution for a relational database / RDF ontologies In: iPRES 2011 - 8th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects, Singapore, 1-4 November, 2011.

Andone, D. (2011) Designing elearning spaces for higher education students of the digital generation Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Arshi, S. (2011) Structural behaviour and performance of skirted hybrid monopile-footing foundations for offshore oil and gas facilities In: Young researchers' conference 2011, London, UK, 17 March 2011.

Artaraz, Kepa (2011) Cuba and the New Left Capital Intelectual, Buenos Aires. ISBN 9789876142762

Artaraz, Kepa (2011) New Latin American networks of solidarity: ALBA's contribution to Bolivia's National Development Plan (2006-10) Global Social Policy, 11 (1). pp. 88-105. ISSN 1468-0181

Ash, G.I., Scott, Robert A., Deason, M., Dawson, T.A., Wolde, Bezabhe, Teka, S., Bekele, Zeru and Pitsiladis, Yannis (2011) No association between ACE gene variation and endurance athlete status in Ethiopians Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 43 (4). pp. 590-597. ISSN 0195-9131

Ashmore, Nicola (2011) Art and identity: interpretation and ethnographic collections in regional museums, Britain, 1997-2010 Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Ashmore, Nicola (2011) Making for Museums, Commissioning Living Cultures: 'A study of the 'Hindu Shrine' project at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery  and the 'Rekindle' video series at Manchester Museum, Manchester University' Journal of Museum Ethnography, 24. pp. 89-109. ISSN 0954–7169

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Atkinson, Sarah (2011) Stereoscopic-3D storytelling – rethinking the conventions, grammar and aesthetics of a new medium Journal of Media Practice, 12 (2). pp. 139-156. ISSN 1468-2753

Atkinson, Sarah (2011) Surrounded by sound: the aesthetics of multichannel and hypersonic soundscapes and aural architectures The Soundtrack, 4 (1). pp. 5-21. ISSN 1751-4193

Atkinson, Sarah (2011) Teaching Off-Line Digital Video Editing On-Line: An Exploration into Editing and Postproduction Digital Pedagogic Practice In: Wankel, C. and Sibley Law, J., eds. Streaming Media Delivery in Higher Education: Methods and Outcomes. IGI Global, Hershey, pp. 121-135. ISBN 9781609608026

Avakian, Stephanos (2011) The role of perceived efficacy in the consumption of consulting service In: 27th EGOS Colloquium, 6-9 July 2011, Gothenburg, Sweden. (Unpublished)

Axelrod, Lesley, Fitzpatrick, Geraldine, Harley, David, White, Gareth and McAllister, Graham (2011) The WiiTM contribution to wellbeing of seniors in a sheltered housing setting In: Proceedings of Interactive Technologies and Games: Education, Health and Disability 2011, 25-26 October 2011, Nottingham Trent University, UK.

Ayres, Jon, Smallbone, Kirsty, Holgate, Stephen and Fuller, Gary (2011) Review of the UK air quality index [Report (for external body)]


Baalham, Paul, Birch, Ivan, Young, Maria and Beale, Clare (2011) Xerosis of the feet: a comparative study on the effectiveness of two moisturizers British Journal of Community Nursing, 16 (12). pp. 591-597. ISSN 1462-4753

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Bach, Shirley (2011) Learning skills for nursing students [Edited Collections]

Bach, Shirley (2011) Medicines management in children's nursing [Edited Collections]

Bach, Shirley (2011) Nursing adults with long term conditions Transforming Nursing Practice . Learning Matters Ltd. ISBN 9780857254412

Bach, Shirley (2011) Nursing in partnership with patients and carers [Edited Collections]

Bach, Shirley (2011) Successful practice learning for nursing students [Edited Collections]

Bach, Shirley (2011) What is nursing? Exploring theory and practice (2nd. ed.) [Edited Collections]

Bach, Shirley and Ellis, Peter (2011) Leadership, management and team working in nursing Transforming Nursing Practice Series . Learning Matters, Exeter, UK. ISBN 9780857254535

Bachan, Raymond (2011) Students’ expectations of debt in UK higher education In: British Education Research Association Conference (BERA 2011), 6 Sep - 8 Sep 2011, London, UK. (Unpublished)

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Baid, Heather (2011) The objective structured clinical examination within intensive care nursing education Nursing in Critical Care, 16 (2). pp. 99-105. ISSN 1362-1017

Bak, Ozlem (2011) The role of qualitative research in a mixed methods study: assessing the e-business enabled transformation in a strategic business unit Qualitative Research Journal, 11 (2). pp. 76-84. ISSN 1443-9883

Bak, Ozlem (2011) Creating a bridge between industry and higher education through an operations consultancy module Industry & Higher Education, 25 (3). pp. 205-211. ISSN 0950-4222

Bak, Ozlem (2011) Impact of e-business technologies on public and private organizations: industry comparisons and perspectives IGI Global, Hershey PA, USA. ISBN 1609605012

Baker-Brown, Duncan (2011) The Nook [Design]

Banks, Laura and Barnes, Marian (2011) Evaluation of the East Sussex carers' demonstrator site [Report (for external body)]

Barden, Holly and Maidment, Susannah (2011) Evidence for sexual dimorphism in the stegosaurian dinosaur Kentrosaurus aethiopicus from the Upper Jurassic of Tanzania Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 31 (3). ISSN 0272-4634

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Bardos, Richard, Bone, B., Elliott, Daniel, Hartog, Niels, Henstock, John and Nathanail, Paul (2011) A Risk/Benefit Approach to the Application of Iron Nanoparticles for the Remediation of Contaminated Sites in the Environment [Report (for external body)]

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Beale, Louisa (2011) High intensity intermittent exercise training in patients with chronic heart failure Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

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Beinart, Katherine and Beinart, Rebecca (2011) Origination [Exhibition]

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Bell, Cate A. (2011) The moral compass: women’s experiences of excellent midwives Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Belz, Anja, Evans, Roger, Gatt, Albert and Striegnitz, Kristina (2011) Proceedings of UCNLG+Eval: Language Generation and Evaluation [Edited Collections]

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Benn, Tony (2011) Everyday [Exhibition]

Benn, Tony (2011) A daydream of everday life published by Charlie Smith Gallery [Scholarly edition]

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