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Squires, P., ed. (2008) ASBO Nation: The Criminalisation of Nuisance in Contemporary Britain The Policy Press, Bristol. ISBN 1847420273

Greco, M. and Stenner, P., eds. (2008) Emotions: a social science reader Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415425643

Adams, Matthew (2008) The Reflexive Self: A Critical Assessment of Giddens's Theory of Self-Identity VDM, Starrbrucken. ISBN 9783639113041

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Adeyeye, Oluwakemi and Osmani, M. (2008) Design waste mapping, a technical report Loughborough University and EMDA.

Adidam, Phani Tej, Shukla, Paurav and Banerjee, Madhumita (2008) Competitive Intelligence Practices in The Emerging Market of India: An Exploratory Survey In: Strategic Management Society (Special Conference): Emerging India - Strategic Innovation in a Flat World, 12-14 Dec 2008, Hyderabad, India. (Unpublished)

Aggiss, Liz (2008) Don't put your daughter on the stage (live performance) Liz Aggiss, Brighton, UK.

Aggiss, Liz (2008) Guerrilla dances (live performance) Liz Aggiss, Brighton, UK.

Aggiss, Liz (2008) Performance lecture: survival tactics Liz Aggiss, Brighton, UK.

Aggiss, Liz (2008) Take 7 - a study pack and DVD on screen dance, Brighton, UK.

Ahmed, Abdullahi and Gidado, Kassim (2008) Evaluating the potential of renewable energy technologies for buildings in Nigeria In: Association of Researchers for Construction Management (ARCOM), Glamorgan, UK.

Ahmed, Abdullahi and Gidado, Kassim (2008) The use of earth-air heat exchanger for improving comfort conditions for buildings in tropical climate In: RICS Construction, Building and Real Estate Research Conference, COBRA 2008, Dublin, Ireland.

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Ambrose, Peter (2008) Cost analysis pays off Inside Housing. ISSN 0950-3358

Ambrose, Peter (2008) Discovering the true meaning of 'affordable' housing Roof. ISSN 0307-6911

Ambrose, Peter (2008) Housing affordability standard The Zacchaeus 2000 Trust; Citizens UK, London, UK.

Ambrose, Gavin (2008) Understanding architecture through drawing, 2nd edition [Design]

Ambrose, Gavin and Harris, Paul (2008) Basics Design 07: Grids AVA Publishing, London. ISBN 9782940439133

Ambrose, Gavin and Harris, Paul (2008) The Fundamentals of Graphic Design AVA Publishing, London. ISBN 9782940373826

Amhoff, Tilo and Loo, Yat Ming (2008) Limehouse ‘Chinatown’ walk London Metropolitan Archives, Chinese National Healthy Living Centre, London, UK. (Unpublished)

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Andersson, Lenastina, Norman, Tim, Sweeting, Ben and Wihart, Michael (2008) AVATAR – SYZYGY: Andersson, Norman, Sweeting, Wihart [Exhibition]

Andone, D., Dron, Jon and Pemberton, Lyn (2008) The desirability of digital students In: EDEN Annual Conference 2008, 11-14 June, 2008, Lisbon, Portugal.

Andone, D., Dron, Jon and Pemberton, Lyn (2008) The usability of DIMPLE - digital internet and mobile phone e-learning environment In: Proceedings of World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 17 November, 2008.

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Aughterson, Kate (2008) Book review of Fiona McNeil's Poor Women in Shakespeare Review of English Studies, 59 (240). pp. 463-465. ISSN 0034-6551

Aughterson, Kate (2008) Poor women in Shakespeare Review of English Studies, 59 (240). pp. 463-465. ISSN 0034-6551

Babar, A., Zowghi, D., Cox, Karl and Tosic, V. (2008) Exploring alternative integration mechanisms for requirements modelling techniques; map and B-SCP In: 23rd ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, track on Requirements Engineering - ACM, SAC-RE 2008, 16-20 March 2008, Fortaleza, Brazil.

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Bach, Shirley (2008) Development of a European academy of caring science In: European Nursing Module Network Management 16th Annual Conference, April 16-19, Taganrog Medical College, Russian Federation. (Unpublished)

Bach, Shirley (2008) Development of caring science and evidenced based care – European academy of caring science In: Ethics, Evidence and Aesthetic Nordic College of Caring Science Conference, April 9-11, University College Boras, Sweden. (Unpublished)

Bach, Shirley (2008) Evaluation of Easy-care assessment training for trainers and trainees, multi European centre project preliminary findings In: Easy-care research stimulation meeting, June 3, Kenwood Hall, University of Sheffield. (Unpublished)

Bach, Shirley (2008) Evaluation of the training programme for the use of the Easy-care assessment method. Venue: good assessment practice for people with long term conditions In: European approach to standardized training Conference, September 26-28, Krakow, Poland. (Unpublished)

Bach, Shirley (2008) Law and professional issues in nursing [Edited Collections]

Bach, Shirley (2008) Professional doctoral programmes in the UK – university of Brighton experience In: Workshop of the European Master in Health Promotion (EUMAHP) in co-operation with the German Academic Exchange (DAAD) and the European Training Association, February 28-29, University College of Applied Social Sciences, Magdeburg, Germany.

Bachan, Raymond (2008) On the determinants of pay of CEOs in UK public sector higher education institutions: some recent evidence In: Work Pensions and Labour Economics (WPEG) Conference 2008, 14-16 July 2008, Sheffield, UK. (Unpublished)

Bachan, Raymond (2008) On the determinants of pay of CEOs in UK public sector higher education institutions Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), Bonn, Germany.

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Baker-Brown, Duncan (2008) The House That Kevin Built [Design]

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