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Balloch, Susan and Hill, Michael, eds. (2007) Care, community and citizenship The Policy Press, United Kingdom. ISBN 978 1 86134 870 8

Hickey, Tom and Powell, D, eds. (2007) Democracy: The Long Revolution Continuum. ISBN 0826486762

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Brecher, Bob (2007) Torture and the Ticking Bomb Blackwell Publishing, London, UK. ISBN 9781405162012

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Zeegen, Lawrence (2007) Secrets of Digital Illustration: A Master Class in Commercial Image Making Rotovision SA. ISBN 2940361568

Chapter in book

Aggiss, Liz (2007) Kakarella Ka Diva! - Zap and the early years In: Chrisfield, Max, ed. Zap Twenty Five Years of Innovation. Zap Art in collaboration with QueenSpark Books, Brighton UK, pp. 32-37. ISBN 978 0 904733 33 4

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Cameretti, M.C., Piazzesi, R., Reale, F. and Tucillo, R. (2007) Reduzione degli NOx in una micro-turbina a gas mediante adozione di ricircolo dei gas combusti In: Atti del 62o Congresso Nazionale, ATI. Associazione Termotecnica Italiana.

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