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Authored book

Francis, Mary Anne, Walsh, Jo, Sykes, Lewis and Vishmidt, Marina, eds. (2006) Media Mutandis: Surveying Art, Technologies and Politics Node, London. ISBN 0955243505

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Perry, Lara (2006) History's Beauties: women and the nineteenth-century National Portrait Gallery Ashgate, London, UK. ISBN 0754630811

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Zeegen, Lawrence (2006) The Fundamentals of Illustration AVA Publishing SA. ISBN 2-88479-060-8

Chapter in book

Al-Shehab, A., Hughes, Robert and Winstanley, Graham (2006) CorMod: a causal mapping approach to identifying project development risk In: Irani, Z., Sarikas, O.D., Llopis, J., Gonzalez, R. and Gasco, J., eds. CD-ROM/online proceedings of the European and Mediterranean conference on information systems (EMCIS) 2006, 6-7 July, Costa Blanca, Alicante, Spain. EMCIS. ISBN 1902316460

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Barker, Barry (2006) La costrucció de la vida de… In: Brichs, Victoria Izquierdo, ed. El que vols que digui…Jo ja sóe mort/ What do you want me to say… I am already dead/ La que quieres que diga…Yo ya estoy muerto. Fundacio Joan Miro, pp. 13-27. ISBN 8493473014

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