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Cahill, Michael and Fitzpatrick, Tony, eds. (2002) Environmental issues and social welfare Broadening Perspectives in Social Policy . Blackwell Publishing, UK. ISBN 0631235523

Hill, Michael` and Hupe, P., eds. (2002) Implementing public policy Sage Publications, United Kingdom. ISBN 0761966285

Beaver, Graham (2002) Small business, entrepreneurship and enterprise development Financial Times Prentice Hall, London, UK. ISBN 0273651056

Cooke, Jim (2002) Re-Placing Arcadia Consorcio Salamanca 2002/Centro de Arte de Salamanca. ISBN 84-95719-31-2

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Goss-Turner, Steven (2002) Managing people in the hospitality industry Croner, UK. ISBN 185524649X

Hughes, Robert and Cotterell, M. (2002) Software project management McGraw Hill, London, UK. ISBN 007709834X

Javary, Michele (2002) The economics of power, knowledge and time Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, U.K.. ISBN 1840646314

Kermik, Jüri (2002) A. M. Luther 1877-1940: Materjalist võrsunud vormiuuendus Sild. ISBN 9985939883

Lord, J.A., Clayton, C.R.I. and Mortimore, R.N. (2002) Engineering in chalk CIRIA, London. ISBN 086017574X

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Martin, Vivien (2002) Managing projects in health and social care Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 0415276209

Newton, Becci, Paine, Cameron and Flowers, Steve (2002) Hot technology, cool academics: an intranet for Brighton Business School LTSN BEST, Norwich, UK. ISBN 1901513122

Perryman, Mark (2002) Ingerland Expects: Football, National Identity and World Cup 2002 Sponsored by The Football Association, UK Sport, UNISON and Ladbrokes . Institute for Public Policy Research, London. ISBN 1860301908

Philip, Mathew L. and Bolton, Bill (2002) Technology of engineering materials Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford, UK. ISBN 0750656433

Power, Mark (2002) The Treasury Project Photoworks. ISBN 1-903796-05-9

Sugden, John (2002) Scum Airways: Inside Football's Underground Economy Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh. ISBN 1840185767

Taylor, Lou (2002) The Study of Dress History Manchester University Press. ISBN 0 7190 4065 5

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Waller, Diane (2002) Art therapies and progressive illness: nameless dread Routledge, Oxford. ISBN 9780415219815

Wisker, Gina (2002) Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace A Reader's Guide . Continuum, New York, USA; London, UK. ISBN 0826457061

Chapter in book

Alderton, Jane, Eraut, M., Cole, G. and Senker, P. (2002) Learning from other people at work In: Harrison, Roger, Reeve, Fiona, Hanson, Ann and Clarke , Julia, eds. Supporting Lifelong Learning. Open University Reader , 1 . RoutledgeFalmer, London. ISBN 041525926

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Contribution to conference proceedings in the public domain

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