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Authored book

Holscher, Jens, ed. (2001) 50 Years of the German Mark: essays in honour of Stephen F. Frowen Palgrave, New York, USA. ISBN 0333752678

Balloch, Susan and Taylor, Marilyn, eds. (2001) Partnership working: policy and practice Policy Press, Bristol. ISBN 1861342209

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Balloch, Susan and Newell, Caroline (2001) Crawley: a community profile University of Brighton, Health and Social Policy Research Centre, Brighton, UK. (Unpublished)

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Clarke, Liam (2001) Contemporary nursing: culture, education and practice APS Publishing, Salisbury, UK. ISBN 0953723488

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Keech, Marc and McFee, Graham (2001) Issues and values in sport and leisure cultures Chelsea School Research Centre Edition . Meyer & Meyer, Oxford. ISBN 184126055X

Lee-Scherer, Barry and Perren, Lew (2001) World class business schools? A comparative analysis of UK business schools with the best in the rest of the world Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership Press, London, UK. ISBN 1903696038

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Wisker, Gina (2001) Sylvia Plath A Beginner's Guide . Hodder & Stoughton, London, UK. ISBN 0340800402

Chapter in book

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Contribution to conference proceedings in the public domain

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