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Authored book

Barnes, Marian and Prior, D. (2000) Private lives as public policy Venture Press, Birmingham, UK. ISBN 9781861780416

Bendelow, Gillian (2000) Pain and gender New Sociologies . Pearson Education, Harlow, Uk. ISBN 0582307775

Bradley, Harriet, Erickson, Mark, Stephenson, Carol and Williams, Steve (2000) Myths at work Polity Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 0745622704

Dean, Taraneh (2000) Food intolerance and the food industry Woodhead Publishing series in food science, technology and nutrition . Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge. ISBN 9781855734975

Francis, David, Woodcock, Mike and Klockars, Eileen (2000) The complete management skills assessment kit: 12 reproducible instruments for trainers HRD press, Amhurst, USA. ISBN 0874254817

Petty, Nicola and Moore, A. (2000) Esame clinico e valutazione neuromuscoloscheletrica - in tereapia manuale Masson, Milano, Italy. ISBN 8821424901

Squires, Peter (2000) Gun culture or gun control? Routledge/Taylor & Francis, Abingdon. ISBN 9780415170871

Wisker, Gina (2000) Post-Colonial and African-American Women's Writing: A critical introduction Macmillan Press Ltd; St. Martin's Press Llc., Basingstoke, UK; New York, USA. ISBN 0333727460

Chapter in book

Arnold, A., McLean, M. and Dutton, Christopher (2000) The road to empowerment at Sainsbury's In: Oldfield, B., Schmidt, R., Clarke, I., Hart, C. and Kirkup, M., eds. Contemporary cases in retail operations. Macmillan Press Ltd, Hampshire, UK, pp. 117-124. ISBN 0333764811

Barnes, Marian (2000) 'Users' views of mental health services In: Bailey, D, ed. At the core of mental health: key issues for practitioners, mnagers and mental health trainers. Pavilion Publishing, Brighton. ISBN 1 84196 049 7

Bott, David (2000) Integrating systemic thinking in counselling and psychotherapy In: Palmer, S. and Woolfe, R., eds. Integrative and eclectic counselling and psychotherapy. Sage, London, pp. 74-92. ISBN 9780761957980

Caudwell, Jayne (2000) Football in the UK: women, tomboys, butches and lesbians In: Scraton, S. and Watson, B., eds. Sport, Leisure Identities and Gendered Spaces. Leisure Studies Association, Eastbourne, pp. 95-110. ISBN 9780906337790

Flowers, Steve, Newton, Becci and Paine, Cameron (2000) An Intranet for the Business School: developing a model of technology-enhanced higher education In: Bourner, Tom, Katz, Tim and Watson, David, eds. New Directions in Professional Higher Education. Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) and Open University Press (OUP), London, UK, pp. 111-119. ISBN 033520614X

Herson, K., Sosabowski, Michael and Lloyd, Andrew (2000) Using the new learning technologies: integrating learning technologies into professional development programmes In: Bourner, T., Katz, T. and Watson, D., eds. New directions in professional higher education. SRHE and Open University Press, Buckingham, pp. 83-89. ISBN 033520614X

Howlett, R.J., De Zoysa, M.M. and Walters, Simon (2000) Monitoring internal combustion engines by neural network based virtual sensing In: Jain, L. and Fanelli, A.M., eds. Recent advances in artificial neural networks. CRC Press, London, pp. 291-318. ISBN 0849322685

Jacobs, Richard (2000) 'Will the real poem please stand up?': Wyatt's 'they flee from me' In: Bleiman, Barbara, ed. Text, reader, critic. English and Media Centre, London. ISBN 0907016693

Jarvis, Nigel and King, L. (2000) Volunteers in uniformed youth organisations In: Whannel, G., ed. Leisure consumption and participation: leisure, culture and commerce. Leisure Studies Association Publication, 64 . Leisure Studies Association Publication, Eastbourne, UK, pp. 163-177. ISBN 0906337747

Keech, Marc (2000) Ramsamy, Samba (Sam) In: Cashmore, E., ed. Sports culture: an A-Z guide. Routledge, London, pp. 349-351. ISBN 0415223350

Macadam, Angela and Anderson, Claire (2000) Drug dependency-exploring the myths In: Gard, Paul, ed. A behavioural approach to pharmacy. Blackwell Science Ltd, Oxford, pp. 131-151. ISBN 9780632051380

Wickham-Jones, C. and Firth, Callum (2000) The Mesolithic settlement of Northern Scotland: first results of fieldwork in Caithness and Orkney In: Young, R., ed. Mesolithic Lifeways: Current research from Britain and Ireland. Leicester Archaeological Monographs, Leicester, UK, pp. 119-132. ISBN 0953891410

Contribution to conference proceedings in the public domain

Andrade, C., Dawson, A., Firth, Callum, Freitas, C., Shi, S. and Smith, D.E. (2000) Extreme coastal flooding In: Sea level change and coastal processes: implications for Europe, Mataro, Spain, April, 1997.

Bristow, C.S., Best, J.L. and Ashworth, Philip (2000) The use of GPR in developing a facies model for a large sandy braided river, Brahmaputra River, Bangladesh In: Proceedings of SPIE 4084, Eighth International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar, Gold Coast, Australia, 23rd May, 2000.

Cacciola, Pierfrancesco and Muscolino, G. (2000) Dynamic analysis of beams with a closing crack In: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Computational Structures Technology, Leuven, Belgium, 6-8 September, 2000.

Cacciola, Pierfrancesco, Muscolino, G. and Sofi, A. (2000) Dynamic analysis of non-linear structures by modal superposition approach In: Proceedings of the 18th International Modal Analysis Conference - Computational Challenges in Structural Dynamics , San Antonio, Texas, USA, 7-10 February, 2000.

Charalambous, Andrew, Percival, James F., Saber-Sheikh, Kambiz and Savidge, Trevor E. (2000) Designing the Gemini high-resolution optical spectrograph structure to meet the flexural performance required at a Cassegrain focus In: Proc. SPIE 4008, Optical and IR Telescope Instrumentation and Detectors, Munich, Germany, 27 March 2000.

D'Arrigo, Paolo, Bingham, Richard G., Charalambous, Andrew, Saber-Sheikh, Kambiz and Savidge, Trevor E. (2000) Active flexure compensation for the HROS spectrograph In: Proc. SPIE 4008, Munich, Germany.

De Zoysa, M.M., Howlett, R.J. and Walters, Simon (2000) Effects of varying engine block temperature on spark voltage characteristics for the measurement of AFR in IC engines In: International Conference on Knowledge-based Information Engineering Systems and Applied Technologies, 30 Aug - 01 Sep 2000, Brighton, UK.

De Zoysa, M.M., Howlett, R.J. and Walters, Simon (2000) Measurement of air-fuel ratio in internal combustion engines using neural networks In: International Conference on the Engineering of Intelligent Systems, 27-30 June 2000, Paisley, Scotland.

Eslimy-Isfahany, S.H.R. and Banerjee, J.R. (2000) Advances in optimisation of dynamic stresses in axially loaded composite timoshenko beams In: Proceedings of the AERO 2000 First International & Third Bi-Annual Conference of the Iranian Aerospace Society, Tehran, Iran, 2000.

Evans, J.S., Ip, Kenneth and Miller, Andrew (2000) The deciduous roof: a performance prediction model In: Sustainable Building 2000, 22-25 Oct 2000, Maastricht, Netherland.

Huang, Y., Busbridge, Simon and Gill, Deshinder (2000) Directivity and distortion in digital transducer array loudspeaker In: Proceedings of the 108th AES Convention, Palais des Congres, Paris, February 2000.

Ip, Kenneth and Gates, Jonathan (2000) Thermal Storage for Sustainable Dwellings In: Sustainable Building 2000, 22-25 Oct 2000, Maastricht, Netherland.

Ip, Kenneth and Gates, Jonathan (2000) The potential of solar thermal storage using phase change materials in the UK In: World Renewable Energy Congress - VI, 1-7 July 2000, Brighton, UK.

Ip, Kenneth and Jahnkassim, S. (2000) Environmental and architectural impacts of the 'bioclimatic' highrises in the tropics In: Sustainable Building 2000, 22-25 Oct 2000, Maastricht, Netherland.

Ives, David Timothy, Busbridge, Simon, Thomas, Ray and Plack, Chris (2000) The audibility of time-shifted signals with constant long-term spectral content In: Proc. 108th AES Convention, Palais des Congres, Paris, 19 - 22 February 2000.

Jahnkassim, S. and Ip, Kenneth (2000) Optimising for sun and light - the environmental performance of bioclimatic high-rise offices by Malaysian Architect Kenneth Yeang In: World Renewable Energy Congress - VI, 1-7 July 2000, Brighton, UK.

Kennaird, D., Crua, Cyril, Heikal, Morgan, Morgan, Robert, Bar, F. and Sapsford, S. (2000) A new high-pressure diesel spray research facility In: IMechE international conference on computational and experimental methods in reciprocating engines, London, UK, 1-2 Nov, 2000.

Leven, C., McDermott, C.I., Baraka-Lokmane, Salima, Sauter, M., Liedl, R. and Teutsch, G. (2000) Festgesteins-Aquiferanalog: Laborexperimente und Entwicklungneuer Untersuchungsmethoden In: 3. Workshop: Kluft-Aquifere, Hannover, Germany.

Macadam, Angela, Al-Omran, O. and Gard, Paul (2000) Factors affecting medication adherence in Saudi children In: British Pharmaceutical Conference, Birmingham, 10-13 September, 2000.

Marshall, Nicholas and Sapsed, Jonathan (2000) The Limits of Disembodied Knowledge: Challenges of inter-project learning in the production of complex products and systems In: Knowledge Management: Concepts and Controversies, 10-11 Feb 2000, Warwick, UK.

Martinez-Rueda, Juan (2000) Incorporation of hysteretic devices on bracing systems of low invasivity. A new approach for the seismic redesign of framed structures In: 12th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, February, 2000, Auckland, New Zealand.

Mulas, M.G., Archelaschi, M. and Martinez-Rueda, Juan (2000) Seismic redesign of steel frames by local insertion of dissipating devices In: Proceeings of the Third International Conference STESSA, Montreal, Canada, 21-24 August, 2000.

Rodd, P.D., Guan, Z. and Pope, David (2000) Measurement and rationalization of fastener embedment test data In: World Conference on Timber Engineering, 31 Jul - 3 Aug 2000, Whistler, Canada.

Walters, Simon and Howlett, R.J. (2000) Neural network analysis of ignition spark voltage vectors for combustion quality monitoring In: International Conference on the Engineering of Intelligent Systems, 27-30 June 2000, Paisley, Scotland.

Weeden, Clare (2000) Ethical tourism: an opportunity for competitive advantage? In: 7th International Conference on Retailing & Services Science, 7-10 July 2000, Sintra, Portugal. (Unpublished)

Edited Collections

Mangan, J.A. and Nauright, John (2000) Sport in Australasian society: past and present [Edited Collections]


Rawle, Graham (2000) EXPO 2000 - Hi-Life, (Basic Needs) [Exhibition]

Journal article

Allen, Marcus, Gale, Pamela A., Hunter, Christy, Lloyd, Andrew and Hardy, Simon (2000) Membrane impermeant antioestrogens discriminate between ligand- and voltage-gated cation channels in NG108-15 cells BBA - Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1509 (1-2). pp. 229-236. ISSN 0006-3002

Ashworth, Philip, Best, J.L., Roden, J., Bristow, C.S. and Klaassen, G.J. (2000) Morphological evolution and dynamics of a large, sand braid-bar, Jamuna River, Bangladesh Sedimentology, 47 (3). pp. 533-555. ISSN 0037-0746

Atkinson, H.C. (2000) Performance management: A lesson from and for UK hotels Croner Catering Magazine (14). pp. 23-26. ISSN 1460-7506

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Other form of assessable output

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