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Heron, Fergus (2009) Fergus Heron shopping centre interiors portfolio 2009-2011 [Artefact]

Heron, Fergus (2010) Fergus Heron, Charles Church Houses, selected works 2004-2010 portfolio [Artefact]

Heron, Fergus (2010) Fergus Heron, Common 2010 - 2011 Portfolio [Artefact]

Heron, Fergus (2004) Fergus Heron, motorways, selected works 2000-2004 [Artefact]

Prieto Blanco, Patricia (2011) Family Photography: images that take place [Artefact]

Authored book

Cooke, Jim (2002) Re-Placing Arcadia Consorcio Salamanca 2002/Centro de Arte de Salamanca. ISBN 84-95719-31-2

Doran, George (2004) Salvaged Photoworks. ISBN 1903796113

Hodgson, Francis (2011) Anton Corbijn: inwards and onwards Schirmer/Mosel Verlag GmbH, Munich, Germany. ISBN 9783829605588

Hodgson, Francis (2014) Paul Kenny: Seaworks 1998 - 2013 Triplekite Publishing, Northumberland. ISBN 9780957634534

Hugo, Peter, Demos, T.J. and Schuman, Aaron (2012) Pieter Hugo: this must be the place Prestel Publishing, London, UK. ISBN 9783791346892

Newbury, Darren (2009) Defiant images: photography and apartheid South Africa UNISA Press, Pretoria. ISBN 9781868885237

Olaf, Erwin and Hodgson, Francis (2014) Erwin Olaf: Volume II Aperture, New York. ISBN 9781597112987

Power, Mark (2010) The Sound of Two Songs Photoworks in an edition of 2000, Uk. ISBN 978-1-903796-39-9

Power, Mark (2002) The Treasury Project Photoworks. ISBN 1-903796-05-9

Ribas, Xavier (2012) Concrete Geographies [Ceuta and Melilla border fences] Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. ISBN 9788480813259

Ribas, Xavier (2012) Concrete Geographies: Nomads Bside Books, Barcelona. ISBN 9788461572298

Stewart, Christopher (2003) Christopher Stewart: Insecurity Centro de Arte de Salamanca. ISBN 849571941X

Taylor, Phil (2012) Confluence, Fragments and Urban Ghosts (Confluencia, Fragmentos y Fantasmas Urbanos) Studio Hotel Vitrine, Brighton, UK.

Chapter in book

Barnor, James, Hodgson, Francis and Busby, Margaret (2015) A conversation: James Barnor, Margaret Busby and Francis Hodgson In: Mussai, Rene and Busby, Margaret, eds. James Barnor: Ever Young. Clémentine de la Ferronière; Autograph ABP, London, UK and Paris, France, pp. 16-29. ISBN 9782954226644

Green, David (2009) Constructing the Real: Staged Photography and the Documentary Tradition In: Theatres of the Real. Photoworks/Fotomuseum Provincie Antwerpen, Brighton/Antwerp, pp. 103-110. ISBN 9781903796269

Green, David (2006) Marking time: photography, film and temporalities of the image In: Green, David and Lowry, Joanna, eds. Stillness and Time: Photography and the Moving Image. Photoworks; Photoforum, Brighton, UK, pp. 9-21. ISBN 1903796180

Heron, Fergus (2014) Desires grown solid: shopping centre interiors In: Deriu, D., Kamvasinou, K. and Shinkle, E., eds. Emerging landscapes: between production and representation. Routledge, Abingdon, UK, pp. 45-49. ISBN 9781409467052

Hodgson, Francis (2016) Both a passer by and a dweller In: NW1. HENI Publishing, London, UK, pp. 35-41. ISBN 9780993316142

Hodgson, Francis (2016) John G. Zimmerman: a new reputation from an established career In: De Winde, A., Gilleir, A., Kohns, O., Lambrecht, W. and Van Speybroeck, L., eds. America in black and white: selected photographs of John G. Zimmerman. Hannibal Publishing, Furnes, Belgium, pp. 16-22. ISBN 9789492081766

Hodgson, Francis (2009) Obama's people In: Kander, N., ed. Nadav Kander: Obama's people. Flowers East, London, UK, pp. 1-79. ISBN 9781906412272

Hodgson, Francis (2013) Pierdom: a kingdom by the sea In: Roberts, S., ed. Pierdom. Dewi Lewis Publishing, Stockport, UK. ISBN 9781907893407

Hodgson, Francis (2015) Raphaël Dallaporta In: La fotografia s'industria: photography meets industry. fondazione MAST; Mondadori Electa, Bologna, Italy, pp. 32-33. ISBN 9788891806918

Hodgson, Francis (2016) Sous la surface In: Picard, Pascale, ed. Katerina Jebb; Musée Réattu. Musée Réattu; Editions Skira, Paris France, pp. 16-21. ISBN 9782370740359

Hodgson, Francis (2015) Tokyo story by Emily Allchurch In: Ando, H. and Howes, N., eds. Emily Allchurch; in the footsteps of a master. Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester, UK. ISBN 9780901673909

Hodgson, Francis (2016) Une Porsche 911 jaune canari In: Plossu, B., ed. Bernard Plossu: western colors. éditions Textuel, Paris, France. ISBN 9782845975521

Hodgson, Francis (2016) The cloud of unknowing:the momentum series of Alejandro Guijarro In: Atkinson, Craig, ed. Momentum Series: Alejandro Guijarro. Café Royal Books, UK.

Jobling, Paul (2011) Between words and images: simulation, deconstruction and postmodern photography In: Adamson, Glenn and Pavitt, Jane, eds. Postmodernism: style and subversion, 1970-1990. Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK, pp. 222-225. ISBN 9781851776227

Lowry, Joanna (2006) Portraits, Still Video Portraits and the Account of the Soul In: Lowry, Joanna and Green, David, eds. Stillness and Time: Photography and the Moving Image. Photoworks/Photoforum, Brighton UK, pp. 65-78. ISBN 1903796180

Lowry, Joanna (2011) Projecting symptoms In: Trodd, Tamara, ed. Screen Space: the projected image in contemporary art. Manchester University Press, Manchester and New York, pp. 93-110. ISBN 9780719084638

Lowry, Joanna (2009) An Imaginary Place In: Theatres of the Real. Photoworks/FotoMuseum Provincie Antwerpen, Brighton UK/Antwerp, pp. 81-95. ISBN 9781903796269

Lowry, Joanna (2010) Modern time: photography and the contemporary tableau In: Van Gelder, Hilde, ed. Time and photography. Lieven Gevaert Series (10). Leuven University Press, pp. 47-64. ISBN 9789058677938

Newbury, Darren (2015) Going and coming back: curating the post-apartheid archive In: Morton, C. and Newbury, Darren, eds. The African photographic archive: research and curatorial strategies. Bloomsbury, London, pp. 157-175. ISBN 9781472591241

Newbury, Darren (2015) ‘An invitation to visit Windermere’: moments of departure and return in the biography of the Bryan Heseltine collection In: Edwards, E. and Morton, C., eds. Photographs, museums, collections: between art and information. Bloomsbury, London, pp. 65-81. ISBN 9781472533661

Pollen, Annebella (2012) The Book the Nation is Waiting for! One Day for Life In: di Bello, Patrizia, Wilson, Colette and Zamir, Shamoon, eds. The Photobook from Talbot to Ruscha and Beyond. IBTauris, London. ISBN 9781848856165

Prieto Blanco, Patricia (2016) (Digital) Photography, Experience and Space in Transnational Families. A Case Study of Spanish-Irish Families living in Ireland In: Gomez-Cruz, E. and Lehmuskallio, A., eds. Digital Photography and Everyday Life: Empirical Studies on Material Visual Practices. Studies in European Communication Research and Education . Routledge, New York, pp. 122-141. ISBN 9781138899810

Prieto Blanco, Patricia (2012) Familienfotografie: Kommunikative Verhandlungen jenseits des Darstellungsmodus In: Spangenberg, Peter M. and Westermann, B., eds. Im Moment des "Mehr": mediale Prozesse jenseits des Funktionalen. LIT Verlag, Berlin, pp. 95-114. ISBN 9783643118981

Prieto Blanco, Patricia (2012) Familienfotografie: eine performative Gestalt des familiäres Gedächtnisses In: Hanenberg, P. and Clara, F., eds. Aufbrüche: Kulturwissenschaftliche Studien zu Performanz und Performativität. Königshausen & Neumann, Würzburg, Germany, pp. 184-197. ISBN 9783826047398

Prieto Blanco, Patricia (2016) Understanding the Performative Power of Family Photographs through the work of John Clang, Liz Steketee and Trish Morrissey In: Gomez-Pinto, J. and Matoso, R., eds. Art and Photography in Media Environments. Edições Universitárias Lusófonas, Portugal, pp. 93-105. ISBN 9789897570490

Schuman, Aaron (2010) Contemporary U.S. Photography, ('Whatever Was Splendid: New American Photographs', Essay by Aaron Schuman) In: Contemporary U.S. Photography. Schilt Publishing. ISBN 9053307214

Schuman, Aaron (2012) Essay in: Photographs not taken: a collection of photographers' essays In: Steacy, Will, ed. Photographs not taken: a collection of photographers' essays. Daylight. ISBN 0983231613

Teichmann, Esther and Simson, Henrietta (2009) Henrietta Simson and Esther Teichmann Lulled into Believing In: Henrietta Simson and Esther Teichmann Lulled into Believing. Henrietta Simson & Esther Teichmann (Printed by Moore), London, UK. ISBN 9780955675119

Winckler, Julia (2003) Gespräch mit Wolfgang Suschitzky, Fotograf und Kameramann, geführt in seiner Wohnung in Maida Vale, London, am 15. Dezember 2001, 22. März 2002, 17. Mai 2002 In: Film und Fotographie: Exilforschung. An international yearbook of exile studies, 21 . Edition Text + Kritik, München, Germany, pp. 254-279. ISBN 3-88377-746-3

Winckler, Julia (2008) Through Our Eyes My Light: Connecting Self and World, and Image-ing the Community In: Through Our Eyes My Light. Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation, Hong Kong, China, pp. 7-16. ISBN 978-988-98979-0-1

Contribution to conference proceedings in the public domain

Jobling, Paul and Nougarède, Magali (2009) The Pleasures and Terrors of Institutional Comfort - Paul Jobling in conversation with Magali Nougarède, Floc Gallery Space, University of Wales, Newport In: Artists in conversation, University of Wales, Newport, 20 May 2009, Newport, Wales. (Unpublished)

Longhurst, Jo, Schuman, Aaron, Durden, Mark and Stenram, Eva (2012) Symposium: 'On Perfection' In: 'On Perfection' symposium, 2-3 Feb 2012, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Winckler, Julia, Carillo, Erminia, Rodriguez Echavarria, Karina and Pemberton, Lyn (2008) Retracing Heinrich Barth at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS: using digital technologies to support exhibition development and encourage visitor participation In: The 9th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage.

Edited Collections

Coles, Peter, Knowles, Caroline and Newbury, Darren (2012) Seeing the Olympics: images, spaces, legacies [Edited Collections]

Hodgson, Francis (2009) Earth: Prix Pictet 2009 [Edited Collections]

Morton, Christopher and Newbury, Darren (2015) The African photographic archive: research and curatorial strategies [Edited Collections]

Newbury, Darren (2013) People apart: 1950s Cape Town revisited [Edited Collections]


Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2015) Memories of Beirut and Tunis: transformed cities and the family album [Exhibition]

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2014) Torsion: turbulences [Exhibition]

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora and Sandys, Simon (2014) Tunisian women of the book: encounters with remarquable women [Exhibition]

Cooke, Jim (2008) Entre-deux: from East Sussex to Picardie: a visual study of the river Somme [Exhibition]

Cooke, Jim (2012) Riparian: a visual investigation of the landscape and ecologies of the riverbank [Exhibition]

Garbayo, Ivan and Prieto Blanco, Patricia (2017) Photo-abilities (working title) [Exhibition]

Heron, Fergus (2012) Fergus Heron: common measure [Exhibition]

Hodgson, Francis (2014) Bernard Plossu [Exhibition]

Katz, Judith (2011) A celebration of Kodachrome [Exhibition]

Power, Mark (2012) Black Country stories [Exhibition]

Ribas, Xavier, Acosta, Ignacio and Purbrick, Louise (2017) Trafficking the Earth [Exhibition]

Ribas, Xavier, Acosta, Ignacio and Purbrick, Louise (2018) Trafficking the Earth [Exhibition]

Schuman, Aaron (2010) Once upon a time in the West [Exhibition]

Schuman, Aaron (2010) Whatever Was Splendid: New American Photographs [Exhibition]

Schuman, Aaron, Soth, Alec, Wassink, Thijs, Lundgren, Ruben and Sassen, Viviane (2011) Other I: Alec Soth, WassinkLundgren, Viviane Sassen [Exhibition]

Winckler, Julia (2008) Retracing Heinrich Barth [Exhibition]

Digital and visual media

Prieto Blanco, Patricia (2015) Being Sick and Getting Over IT [Digital and visual media]

Prieto Blanco, Patricia (2015) Chicken Skin [Digital and visual media]

Prieto Blanco, Patricia (2012) Family Line-Ups: Trans-generational Encounters in Family Photography [Digital and visual media]

Prieto Blanco, Patricia (2014) TRANSIT [Digital and visual media]

Journal article

Beck, J. and Cornford, Matthew (2012) The art school in ruins Journal of Visual Culture, 11 (1). pp. 58-83. ISSN 1470-4129

Brydon, Lavinia and Jenzen, Olu (2016) ‘Pierdom’ by Simon Roberts Necsus: European Journal of Media Studies. ISSN 2213-0217

Carpenter-Latiri, Dora (2016) Tunisiennes du livre: rencontres avec 15 femmes remarquables après la révolution Expressions Maghrebines, 15 (2). ISSN 1540-0085

Heron, Fergus (2010) Some things, somewhere Hotshoe International (164). ISSN 0959-6933

Love, Johanna (2015) Somewhere between Printmaking, Photography and Drawing: Viewing contradictions within the printed image Journal of Visual Art Practice, 14 (3). pp. 214-223. ISSN 1470-2029

Lowry, Joanna (2006) Putting painting in the picture (photographically) Journal of Visual art Practice, 5 (3). pp. 215-227.

Lowry, Joanna and Green, David (2009) Photography, cinema and medium as social practice Visual Studies, 24 (2). pp. 132-142. ISSN 1472-586X

Miller, Sally (2014) Picturing atrocity: Photography in crisis Visual Studies, 29 (1). pp. 106-107. ISSN 1472-586X

Newbury, Darren (2015) Relocating the Heseltine photographic collection at District Six Museum African Arts, 48 (2). pp. 64-77. ISSN 0001-9933

Pollen, Annebella (2013) “Historians in Two Hundred Years' Time Are Going to Die for That!”: Historiography and Temporality in the “One Day for Life” Photography Archive History & Memory, 25 (2). pp. 66-101. ISSN 0935-560X

Pollen, Annebella (2009) Sweet nothings: suggestive Brighton postcard inscriptions Photography and Culture, 2 (1). pp. 77-88. ISSN 1751-4517

Prieto Blanco, Patricia (2010) Family Photography as a phatic construction Networking Knowledge, 3 (2). pp. 1-20. ISSN 1755-9944

Prieto Blanco, Patricia (2015) Visuelles Tele-Cocooning im Ausland. Eine Auto-Ethnographie Ultrashort Reframed, 5 (1). pp. 60-54.

Prieto Blanco, Patricia, Schuppert, Mirjami and Lange, Jake (2015) The digital progression of community archives, from amateur production to artistic practice. A case study of Belfast Exposed Convergence, 21 (1). pp. 58-77. ISSN 1354-8565

Prieto Blanco, Patricia and Tomanić Trivundža, Ilija (2017) Skoraj Pari - Najdeni fotoesej / Almost pairs - Found photoessay Fotografija, 69/70. pp. 48-61. ISSN 1408-3566

Rodriguez-Echavarria, Karina, Pemberton, Lyn and Winckler, Julia (2008) Retracing Heinrich Barth at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS: digital technologies to support exhibition development and encourage visitors participation VAST 2008: Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. pp. 97-102.

Ryan, Paul (2009) Exhibition Review Julia Winckler, Retracing Heinrich Barth (Brunei Gallery, University of London) Journeys, 10 (2). pp. 119-126. ISSN 1465-2609

Schuman, Aaron (2012) Jason Fulford: The Mushroom Collector, interview by Aaron Schuman Aperture, 207. ISSN 0003-6420

Schuman, Aaron (2012) Viviane Sassen: Parasomnia Aperture, 206. ISSN 0003-6420

Winckler, Julia (2009) Regards croisés: James Henry Dorugu's nineteenth-century European travel account Journeys, 10 (2). pp. 1-30. ISSN 1465-2609

Winckler, Julia and Anghilerie, Paolo (2010) Fotoreportage: stories from Agadez Caposud, 2 (1). pp. 22-29.


Tien, Ming-Chang (2007) Visual representations of an imagined return from a Taiwanese exile: an installation of photographic diptychs with artists' books Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Other form of assessable output

Cooke, Jim (2005) Engineerium Tim Dam Publications, UK.

Doran, George (2005) Common Ground Street Level Gallery, Glasgow, Glasgow, UK.

Goodhall, Jasper (2005) God of Illustration Viaux Gallery for Fashion Photography, Lange Reihe, Hamburg.

Heron, Fergus (2007) Charles Church House Tate Britain, London, UK.

Heron, Fergus (2010) Urban Fictions University of Westminster.

Hodgson, Francis (2013) Irving Penn: cranium architecture Hamilton's Gallery, London, UK.

Katz, Judith (2007) Association of Photographers Awards Exhibition Sadlers Wells Gallery, London, UK.

Power, Mark (2005) Eurovisions Centre Pompidou, Paris, Paris, France.

Power, Mark (2005) A System of Edges University of Brighton Gallery, Brighton, UK.

Ribas, Xavier (2007) Greenhouse/Hoofddorp Stedelyk Museum de Lakenhal in Scheltema, Leiden, Netherlands.

Ribas, Xavier (2006) Invisible Structures Madrid photographicfestival PhotoEspana, Madrid, Spain.

Ribas, Xavier (2009) Nomads Belfast Exposed, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Schuman, Aaron (2004) SeeSaw Magazine Aaron Schuman; SeeSaw Magazine.

Stevens, Christopher (2006) Cafe Delight Mummery and Schnelle, London, UK.

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