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Kermik, Jüri (2011) StandPoint [Artefact]

Kermik, Jüri (2010) Weight-Light [Artefact]

Authored book

Harper, Catherine (2007) Intersex Berg Publishers, Oxford, UK. ISBN 1845201825

Julier, Guy (2013) The Culture of Design, 3rd edition Sage, London, UK. ISBN 9781446273593

Taylor, Louisa (2011) Ceramics: Tools and Techniques for the Contemporary Maker Contemporary Craft Collection . Jacqui Small LLP, London. ISBN 1906417679

Woodham, Jonathan (2004) A dictionary of modern design Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 0192800973

Chapter in book

Boddington, Anne and Clark, Ross (2017) Mapping Innovation In: Vacca, Federica and Warshavski, Tami, eds. Interdisciplinary Research and Education Agenda: A Design Driven Perspective. Mandragora, Florence, pp. 42-48. ISBN 9788874613045

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Contribution to conference proceedings in the public domain

Darbyshire, Sally (2011) Developing a Product for the Feminine Hygiene Sector In: KTP Associates Conference, 11 May 2011, University of Brighton Collaborative Training Centre. (Unpublished)

Darbyshire, Sally and Hicks, Antonia (2011) Key criteria and physical properties of a textile for use in a feminine sanitary product In: FIBREMED 11, 28-30 June 2011, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland.

Devine Mejia, Jane A. (2009) Online exhibitions and archives: a collaborative project for teaching and learning in design In: Proceedings of the EVA 2009 London Conference, 6 - 8 July, 2008, London, UK.

Gant, Nicholas (2015) Place-Making-Space: a workshop of tools and methods for ‘crafting communities’ and ‘making places’ in the post-global / post-localism era In: Making Futures Conference, Mount Edgcumbe House, Plymouth, 24-25 September 2015.

Gant, Nicholas, Duggan, Kelly, Dean, Tanya and Barnes, Josh (2015) Encouraging ‘young digital citizenship’ through co-designed, hybrid digi-tools In: Proceedings of the 2nd Biennial Research Through Design Conference, RTD 2015, Microsoft Research HQ, Cambridge, UK, 25-27 March 2015.

Haffenden, Victoria (2010) Women’s knitwear for a ‘growing’ population. Sub title: Digital Knit to Fit; challenges and solutions in fashion knitwear for larger sizes. In: Global Fashion:Creative and Innovative Contexts, (11th-13th November 2010), Centre for Population , Economic and Social Studies, University of Oporto, Portugal, 11th-13th November 2010, Portugal.

Kermik, Jyri (2012) Design and craft - a changing relationship at the heart of design education In: Design Education Asia Conference 2012, Hong Kong Design Institute, 4-5 December 2012.

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Sweeting, Ben (2016) The ethics of ethics and the ethics of architecture In: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD5) 2016 Symposium, OCAD, Toronto, ON, 13-15 October 2016.

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Woodham, Jonathan (2014) The European Province and its significance for design histories In: 9th International Committee Design History and Design Studies, University of Aveiro, 8-11 July 2014.

Edited Collections

Atkinson, Harriet and Clarkson, Verity (2017) Design and Culture journal on 'Design as an object of diplomacy post-1945' [Edited Collections]

Boddington, Anne, Boys, J. and Speight, Catherine (2013) Museums and higher education working together: challenges and opportunities [Edited Collections]

Chapman, Jonathan and Gant, Nicholas (2007) Designers, Visionaries and Other Stories: A Collection of Sustainable Design Essays [Edited Collections]

Hohl, Michael and Sweeting, Ben (2015) Composing conferences [Edited Collections]

Julier, Guy and Moor, Liz (2009) Design and Creativity: Policy, Management and Practice [Edited Collections]

Lloyd, Peter and Bohemia, Erik (2016) Proceedings of DRS 2016 International Conference: Future-Focused Thinking [Edited Collections]

Piroozfar, Amir and Piller, Frank (2013) Mass customisation and personalisation in architecture and construction [Edited Collections]

Viljoen, Andre (2005) CPULs Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes: designing urban agriculture for sustainable cities [Edited Collections]


Gant, Nicholas (2012) On Our Doorsteps: Local Design Activism [Exhibition]

Offer, Joanna and Fox, Jane (2018) Rocket Artists present Art By Johnny: exploring inclusive curation [Exhibition]

Taylor, Louisa (2011) Louisa Taylor: Inspired by York "A' Fourche" Condiment Set on a Gilded Platter Thrown and assembled porcelain, gold leaf. 2011 [Exhibition]

Turko, Jeffrey, Hensel, Michael, Barrett, Natasha, Coll i Capdevila, Daniel, Di Stefano, Andrea, Erlendsson, Gudjon, Grobman, Yasha, Jaeschke, Aleksandra, Killi, Steinar, Kotnik, Toni, Menges, Eva, Menges, Achim, Rice, Charles, Sevaldson, Birger and Sunguroglu, Defne (2008) OCEAN, Conception Performative [Exhibition]

Journal article

Bohn, Katrin and Viljoen, Andre (2008) CPUL food and the city Volume, 18. pp. 202-211. ISSN 1574-9401

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Woodham, Jonathan (2010) Formulating national design policies in the United States: recycling the “Emperor’s New Clothes”? Design Issues, 26 (2). pp. 27-46. ISSN 0747-9360

Report (for external body)

Armstrong, Leah, Bailey, Jocelyn, Julier, Guy and Kimbell, Lucy (2014) Social Design Futures: HEI Research and the AHRC [Report (for external body)]

Sneltvedt, Sol, Taylor, Phil, Warr, John and Krause, Sina (2009) Bridging the gap in moving image, connecting new and traditional technologies for enhanced communication between students, academic and support staff across arts and design [Report (for external body)]


Chu, Hsiao-Yun (2014) R.Buckminster Fuller's model of nature: its role in his design process and the presentation and reception of his work Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Gale, Cathy (2015) A practice-based evaluation of ambiguity in graphic design, embodied in the multiplicities of X Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Qian, Fenggen (2009) The transformation of central design organisations in modern Britain, France and China Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Working Paper

Walker, Sue and Lloyd, Peter (2014) Design Research and Public Policy: Current Practice working to Intersect with Government [Working Paper]

Other form of assessable output

Behrendt, Frauke and Rueb, Teri (2009) RISD Digital+Media Graduate Student Journal 2009 RISD, Providence.

Cross, Nigel and Lloyd, Peter (2017) Editorial: Back to the future Elsevier, Design Studies, 54: iv-vi.

Gant, Nicholas (2016) Reminiscing the future village Cubbitt, London.

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Lloyd, Peter (2014) Peter Lloyd: I Profess Design Wordpress, Online.

Moriarty, Catherine and Worsley, Victoria (2007) Indoors and out: the sculpture and design of Bernard Schottlander Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK.

Ramsgard Thomsen, Mette (2007) Robotic Membranes University of Brighton Gallery, Brighton, UK.

Sermon, Paul and Gould, Charlotte (2012) Experimental application workshop and exhibition - Exquisite Network Shanghai University, Shanghai, China.

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