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Beinart, Katherine and Beinart, Rebecca (2011) Origination [Exhibition]

Benn, Tony (2009) "Bad Painting": an examination of the phenomena of "bad painting" through the work of Pragmatists Sztuka i Filozofia, 35. pp. 115-129. ISSN 1230-0330

Bonnell, S., Newth, N. and Heron, Fergus (2011) Elusive [Exhibition]

Buckley, Linda and Gleeson, Conall (2008) Nikuda [Musical composition/Choreography/Art direction ] (Unpublished)

Bullen, Duncan (2006) Silence and Light Otter Gallery, University of Chichester, Chicheter, UK.

Bullen, Duncan (2012) Full Stop, Standard Palette, Printer Drawings: Colour as readymade [Artefact]


Cowie, Billy (2009) Ghosts in the Machine Lighthouse, Brighton, UK.

Cuddihy, Mikey (2009) Intimacy and distance Drawing Room, London, UK.

Cunningham, Amy (2015) Oracle: the engine weaves In: Hammerman, R. and Russell, A.L., eds. Ada's Legacy: Cultures of Computing from the Victorian to the Digital Age. Association for Computing Machinery and Morgan & Claypool, New York, NY, USA. ISBN 9781970001488

Cunningham, Amy, Skipper, Hayley and Cull, Laura (2010) SpRoUt is an Art School In: Art Schools: Inventions, Invective and Radical Possibilities, 11th & 12th June 2010, University College London.


Diab, Susan (2013) The waste remains In: Remes, Outi, ed. Ubiquitous materials: an exhibition by Jeannie Driver and Christopher Lundie. Jeannie Driver, UK, pp. 23-34. ISBN 9781471066634

Dimitriadi, Nina (2009) The emergence of practice: motivation and decision making among contemporary visual artists. Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.


Fox, Alice (2003) Degrees of Separation: Higher Education for learning disabled artists Alice Fox, Screened at In The Frame Learning Disability Arts Conference. Tate Modern, 20th June 2005.

Fox, Alice and Macpherson, Hannah (2015) Inclusive arts practice and research: a critical manifesto Routledge, New York. ISBN 9781138841000

Foxcroft, Nigel (2014) Foxcroft presenta ante público morelense sus investigaciones La Jornada Morelos, Nov. p. 14.

Foxcroft, Nigel (2016) Surrealist Influences: The Inter-Connectedness of Malcolm Lowry’s Modernism In: 2nd Sussex Modernism Lecture Series, The Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne, 25 May 2016.

Francis, Mary Anne (2010) ‘Widening Participation’ in the Fine Art Ph.D.: expanding research and practice Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education, 9 (2). pp. 167-182. ISSN 1474-273X


Glanville, Ranulph and Sweeting, Ben (2011) Cybernetics: art, design, mathematics - a meta-disciplinary conversation: papers from the 2010 conference of the American Society for Cybernetics [Edited Collections]

Gollifer, Sue (2008) Artist space: SIGGRAPH 08 editorial Digital Creativity, 19 (4). pp. 245-264. ISSN 1462-6268

Gollifer, Sue (2014) Art Space: ACM SIGGRAPH Art Gallery 2014 Digital Creativity, 25 (4). pp. 360-368. ISSN 1462-6268

Gollifer, Sue (2010) HOT PLATE an International Exhibition of Printmaking in digital and traditional media, arising out of a project initiated in Novosibirsk, Siberia in 2009 [Exhibition]

Gollifer, Sue, Malmborg, Lone, Nitsche, Michael and Sussner, Julia (2016) Special Issue: Post-Anthropocentric Creativity Editorial [Edited Collections]

Goodall, Jasper (2012) Lake of Sorrows and Five Deities [Digital and visual media]

Goodall, Jasper (2009) Poster Girl: series of prints exploring fetish and erotica [Exhibition]

Gould, Charlotte and Sermon, Paul (2011) All the World's a Screen, at MadLab Manchester [Exhibition]

Gould, Charlotte and Sermon, Paul (2013) All the World’s a Screen, featuring: The seven stages of man International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 9 (2). pp. 231-246. ISSN 1479-4713

Gould, Charlotte and Sermon, Paul (2015) Occupy the Screen: A case study of open artworks for urban screens In: Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art, Simon Fraser University, Woodwards, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Vancouver, Canada, 14-19 Aug, 2015.

Green, David (2009) Constructing the Real: Staged Photography and the Documentary Tradition In: Theatres of the Real. Photoworks/Fotomuseum Provincie Antwerpen, Brighton/Antwerp, pp. 103-110. ISBN 9781903796269

Grimsey, Tom (2011) Giants of the Infinitesimal - touring exhibitions [Exhibition]

Grimsey, Tom (2011) Join the dots - coherent millions sublime [Exhibition]


Hammick, Tom (2012) Island studio triptych [Artefact]

Hammick, Tom (2009) Tom Hammick Never Far Inland [Artefact]

Hammick, Tom (2010) Eagle Gallery EMH Arts / 2010 [Exhibition]

Heron, Fergus (2012) Capital [Exhibition]

Heron, Fergus (2014) Desires grown solid: shopping centre interiors In: Deriu, D., Kamvasinou, K. and Shinkle, E., eds. Emerging landscapes: between production and representation. Routledge, Abingdon, UK, pp. 45-49. ISBN 9781409467052

Heron, Fergus (2008) Night: A Time Between [Exhibition]

Hickey, Tom (2007) Fragile identities Arts Council; University of Brighton, Brighton, UK.

Hooker, Charlie (2005) Local Stars The Piazza, Gladstone Place, London, Tower Hamlets, London, UK.

Hooker, Charlie (2005) Stroll on Bloomberg Space, London, London, UK.

Hooker, Charlie (2010) Bangs, thumps, taps and rattles [Digital and visual media]

Hugo, Peter, Demos, T.J. and Schuman, Aaron (2012) Pieter Hugo: this must be the place Prestel Publishing, London, UK. ISBN 9783791346892


Jackowski, Andrzej (2005) Depth Charges Purdy Hicks Gallery, London, UK.

Jackowski, Andrzej (2012) The Voyage [Artefact]

Jobling, Paul (2012) A twitch on the thread - Oliver Messel between past and present In: Smith, M.J. and Harknett, Polly, eds. Unravelling Nymans. Unravelling . Unravelled Arts Ltd, Sussex, UK, pp. 48-55. ISBN 9780957247604


Kappenberg, Claudia (2014) Honey Hat [Digital and visual media]

Karikis, Mikhail, Martin, Jean, Gleeson, Conall and Cunningham, Amy (2008) Sounding out the museum: tête-à-tête [Performance]

Kirshner, David (2000) Language games in a visual environment Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.


Longhurst, Jo, Schuman, Aaron, Durden, Mark and Stenram, Eva (2012) Symposium: 'On Perfection' In: 'On Perfection' symposium, 2-3 Feb 2012, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Lowry, Joanna (2006) Portraits, Still Video Portraits and the Account of the Soul In: Lowry, Joanna and Green, David, eds. Stillness and Time: Photography and the Moving Image. Photoworks/Photoforum, Brighton UK, pp. 65-78. ISBN 1903796180

Lowry, Joanna (2011) Projecting symptoms In: Trodd, Tamara, ed. Screen Space: the projected image in contemporary art. Manchester University Press, Manchester and New York, pp. 93-110. ISBN 9780719084638

Lowry, Joanna (2006) Putting painting in the picture (photographically) Journal of Visual art Practice, 5 (3). pp. 215-227.

Lowry, Joanna (2009) An Imaginary Place In: Theatres of the Real. Photoworks/FotoMuseum Provincie Antwerpen, Brighton UK/Antwerp, pp. 81-95. ISBN 9781903796269

Lowry, Joanna and Green, David (2009) Photography, cinema and medium as social practice Visual Studies, 24 (2). pp. 132-142. ISSN 1472-586X

Lyon, Philippa (2016) Visualising and communicating illness experiences: drawing, the doctor-patient relationship and arts-health research [Working Paper]

Lyon, Philippa, Letschka, Patrick, Ainsworth, Thomas and Haq, Inam (2016) Drawing pedagogies in higher education: the learning impact of a collaborative crossdisciplinary drawing course International Journal of Art & Design Education. ISSN 1476-8062


Macpherson, Hannah and Fox, Alice (2016) Listening space: Lessons from artists with and without learning disabilities Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 34 (2). pp. 371-389. ISSN 0263-7758

Martin, Jean and Gleeson, Conall (2008) Sounding out the museum II Francis Bacon Studio [Performance]

Martin, Jean and Gleeson, Conall (2011) The sound of shadows: Peter Vogel [Exhibition]

Martynov, Andrey, Nazansky, Vladimir, Rooms, Verle, Gollifer, Sue, Besant, Derek, Popov, Sergei and Kiyono, Koichi (2009) 2009 Novosibirsk Graphic Art Biennial [Exhibition]

McAndrew, Claire and Sermon, Paul (2016) Performing Architecture Urban Pamphleteer, 1 (6). pp. 33-35. ISSN 2052–8647

McAndrew, Claire and Sermon, Paul (2016) Performing Architecture Urban Pamphleteer, 1 (6). pp. 33-35. ISSN 2052–8647

McFee, Graham (2001) Wollheim on expression (and representation) In: Van Gerwen, R., ed. Richard Wollheim and the art of painting. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 151-168. ISBN 0521801745


Pendrell, Luke (2015) Haunters and the Haunted [Working Paper]

Pendrell, Luke (2013) The shape of the void Design Ecologies, 3 (2). pp. 258-278. ISSN 2043-068X

Power, Mark (2010) The Sound of Two Songs Photoworks in an edition of 2000, Uk. ISBN 978-1-903796-39-9

Price, Judy (2008) Unscene [Exhibition]

Price, Judy (2008) Unscene [Exhibition]

Psarologaki, Evangelia (2015) Beyond the physical threshold: enfolding the ontology of Immersive Experience Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.


Rajguru, Megha (2013) Chanting in the gallery: ritual sound and its phenomenology in contemporary art Journal of Visual Art Practice, 12 (2). pp. 181-193. ISSN 1470-2029

Rajguru, Megha (2012) Creating new realities: contemporary art in the 'world art' museum gallery International Journal of the Arts in Society, 6 (5). pp. 149-168. ISSN 1833-1866

Rajguru, Megha (2012) From shrine to plinth: illuminating the identity of the the hindu deity in the museum through artistic intervention Journal of Museum Ethnography, 24. pp. 110-128. ISSN 0954–7169

Rajguru, Megha (2012) Progress [Digital and visual media]

Rakić, Tijana and Lester, Jo-Anne (2013) Relationships between travel, tourism and art: an introduction In: Rakic, T. and Lester, J., eds. Travel, tourism and art. Current Developments in the Geographies of Leisure and Tourism . Routledge, Abingdon, UK, pp. 1-10. ISBN 9781472410399

Reading, Christina (2015) Representing melanacholy: Figurative art and feminism Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Ribas, Xavier (2014) Nitrate Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. ISBN 9788492505661

Ross, Monica (2007) The trouble with performance art In: This Will Not Happen Without You. The University of Sunderland Press, pp. 106-115. ISBN 9781899377251


Schlepper- Connolly, Benedict and Gleeson, Conall (2008) Eketase V [Musical composition/Choreography/Art direction ] (Unpublished)

Schuman, Aaron (2010) Once upon a time in the West [Exhibition]

Schuman, Aaron SeeSaw Magazine Aaron Schuman; SeeSaw Magazine.

Schuman, Aaron (2010) Whatever Was Splendid: New American Photographs [Exhibition]

Schuman, Aaron, Soth, Alec, Wassink, Thijs, Lundgren, Ruben and Sassen, Viviane (2011) Other I: Alec Soth, WassinkLundgren, Viviane Sassen [Exhibition]

Sermon, Paul (2012) (Dis)Embodiment In: Chatzichristodoulou, M. and Zerihan, R., eds. Intimacy Across Visceral and Digital Performance. Palgrave Studies in Performance and Technology . Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK, pp. 173-186. ISBN 9780230348868

Sermon, Paul (2010) The Emergence of a User Determined Narrative In Telematic Environments In: ISMAR 2010 The 9th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, COEX/Art Centre Nabi, Seoul, ISMAR/Korea Institute of Science and Technology, 13 - 16 October 2010.

Sermon, Paul (2006) Headroom [Exhibition]

Sermon, Paul (2008) Headroom - a space between presence and absence In: ISEA 2008 Singapore - the 14th International Symposium on Electronic Art, National University of Singapore, July 25 - August 3 2008.

Sermon, Paul (2013) The Neural String Network Technoetic Arts, 11 (1). pp. 71-83. ISSN 1477-965X

Sermon, Paul (2012) The Neural String Network: an interactive collaborative drawing ‘machine’ In: The Proceedings of the 2012 Drawing Research Network Conference, Loughborough University, 10-11 September 2012.

Sermon, Paul (2016) Over one hundred years of telepresence In: The Fourth International Conference on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science and Culture 2016, Plymouth University, July 1-3 2016.

Sermon, Paul (2010) Shang-pool, Picnic in Arcadia (Urban Picnic) [Exhibition]

Sermon, Paul (2011) Telematic Dreaming, Extimacy Exhibition [Exhibition]

Sermon, Paul (2008) The Teleporter Zone - Interactive media arts in the healthcare context Leonardo, 40 (5). pp. 426-431. ISSN 0024-094X

Sermon, Paul and Gould, Charlotte (2013) All the World's a Screen In: Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium of Electronic Art, ISEA2013, University of Sydney, Australia.

Sermon, Paul and Gould, Charlotte (2013) All the World's a Screen In: Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2013, Sydney, University of Sydney, 2013.

Sermon, Paul and Gould, Charlotte (2012) Experimental application workshop and exhibition - Exquisite Network Shanghai University, Shanghai, China.

Sermon, Paul and Gould, Charlotte (2011) Liberate your Avatar: The Revolution Will Be Socially Networked In: Ensslin, A. and Muse, E., eds. Creating Second Lives Community, Identity and Spatiality as Constructions of the Virtual. Routledge Studies in New Media and Cyberculture . Routledge, London, pp. 15-31. ISBN 9780415884204

Sermon, Paul and Gould, Charlotte (2012) Mirror on the Screen [Exhibition]

Sermon, Paul and Gould, Charlotte (2014) Occupy the Screen at Urban Reflections, Berlin and Riga [Exhibition]

Sermon, Paul and Gould, Charlotte (2016) Occupy the Screen. Peoples Screen In: What urban media art can do: why when where and how? Av Edition Gmbh, Stuttgart, pp. 246-249. ISBN 9783899862553

Sermon, Paul and Gould, Charlotte (2016) Peoples Screen - Artist Talk In: International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) ISEA2016HK Cultural Revolution, City University of Hong Kong.

Sermon, Paul and Gould, Charlotte (2016) Peoples Screen - Linked between Guangzhou Light Festival, China and Northbridge Piazza Perth, Australia from 15 to 29 November 2015 In: DRHA 2016: Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts.Papers: Digital media, cultural heritage and engaging audiences, University of Brighton, Edward Street, September 4 -7 2016..

Sermon, Paul and Gould, Charlotte (2013) Site-Specific Performance, Narrative, and Social Presence in Multi-User Virtual Environments and the Urban Landscape In: Harrison, D., ed. Digital Media and Technologies for Virtual Artistic Spaces. Information Science Reference, Hershey PA, USA, pp. 46-58. ISBN 9781466629615

Sermon, Paul and McAndrew, Claire (2016) Metaspace futures Metaverse Creativity, 6 (1-2). pp. 55-65. ISSN 2040-3550

Sermon, Paul, McAndrew, Claire, Janu, Swati and Muthuramalingam, Vivek (2016) 3x4: Exploring metaspace platforms for inclusive future cities In: The Cultures of New India, Hosted by C21 Writings, University of Brighton, University of Brighton, 30 Jan 2015.

Sermon, Paul, McAndrew, Claire, Janu, Swati and Muthuramalingam, Vivek (2015) 3x4: Exploring metaspace platforms for inclusive future cities In: Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art, Simon Fraser University, Woodwards, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Vancouver, Canada, 14-19 Aug 2015.

Sermon, Paul, McAndrew, Claire, Janu, Swati and Muthuramalingam, Vivek (2015) 3x4: Exploring metaspace platforms for inclusive future cities at the Web We Want Festival 2015 [Exhibition]

Sneltvedt, Sol, Taylor, Phil, Warr, John and Krause, Sina (2009) Bridging the gap in moving image, connecting new and traditional technologies for enhanced communication between students, academic and support staff across arts and design [Report (for external body)]

Stibbon, Emma (2009) Emma Stibbon: Firn [Exhibition]

Stibbon, Emma (2008) Glacial Shift [Exhibition]

Stibbon, Emma (2011) The Lure of Water [Exhibition]

Stibbon, Emma (2009) Northern Print Biennale [Exhibition]

Stibbon, Emma (2012) Potsdam – Berlin, Changing Cities [Exhibition]

Stibbon, Emma (2008) Retreat [Exhibition]

Stibbon, Emma Roma [Exhibition]

Stibbon, Emma StadtLandschaften [Exhibition]

Stibbon, Emma (2008) Terra infirma [Exhibition]

Stibbon, Emma and Temme, Wolfgang (2010) Emma Stibbon - Wolfgang Temme [Exhibition]

Strindberg, Madeleine (2009) Over There (Exhibition) University of Brighton, Brighton, UK.


Teichmann, Esther and Simson, Henrietta (2009) Henrietta Simson and Esther Teichmann Lulled into Believing In: Henrietta Simson and Esther Teichmann Lulled into Believing. Henrietta Simson & Esther Teichmann (Printed by Moore), London, UK. ISBN 9780955675119

Tucker, Michael (2009) Ian McKeever Paintings Lund Humphries, Burlington USA. ISBN 9781848220379

Tyler, Philip (2016) Painters online editor's galleries choice The artists' publishing company Ltd., Painters online.

Tyler, Philip (2016) Teaching drawing, an expanded field In: IJADE conference 2016 CFP: Drawing, University of Chester, 18-19 November 2016.


Wands, Bruce (2007) Art of the digital age In: Wands, Bruce, ed. Art of The Digital Age. Thames and Hudson, USA, p. 52. ISBN 978500238172

Wilson, Avril (2013) 'Somewhere' and 'Threshold' [Exhibition]

Winckler, Julia (2013) War, memory and photographic traces In: Niznik, J., ed. Twentieth Century Wars in European Memory. Studies in Social Sciences, Philosophy and History of Ideas . Peter Lang, Frankfurt, Germany, pp. 89-102. ISBN 9783631627853

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