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Authored book

Atkinson, Sarah (2014) Beyond the screen: emerging cinema and engaging audiences Bloomsbury, New York. ISBN 9781623566371

Chapter in book

Atkinson, Sarah (2009) An Interactive Film Demonstration: Crossed Lines In: Iurgel, I.A., Zagalo, N. and Petta, P., eds. Interactive Storytelling: Second Joint International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, ICIDS 2009, Guimarães, Portugal, December 9-11, 2009, Proceedings. Lecture notes in computer science, 5915 (5915). Springer, Berlin, pp. 328-331. ISBN 3642106420

Atkinson, Sarah (2011) Teaching Off-Line Digital Video Editing On-Line: An Exploration into Editing and Postproduction Digital Pedagogic Practice In: Wankel, C. and Sibley Law, J., eds. Streaming Media Delivery in Higher Education: Methods and Outcomes. IGI Global, Hershey, pp. 121-135. ISBN 9781609608026

Atkinson, Sarah (2012) The view from the fourth wall window: crossmedia fictions In: Ibrus, Indrek and Scolari, Carlos A., eds. Crossmedia innovations: texts, markets, institutions. Peter Lang, Oxford, pp. 77-91. ISBN 9783631622285

Behrendt, Frauke (2012) Playing the iPhone In: Snickars, Pelle and Vonderau, Patrick, eds. Moving Data: The iPhone and the Future of Media. Columbia University Press, New York, pp. 297-295. ISBN 9780231157391

Behrendt, Frauke (2014) Creative Sonification of Mobility and Sonic Interaction with Urban Space: An Ethnographic Case Study of a GPS Sound Walk In: Gopinath, Sumanth and Stanyek, Jason, eds. The Oxford handbook of mobile music studies. Oxford handbooks in music, 2 . Oxford University Press, New York, pp. 189-211. ISBN 9780199913657

Burns, Ryan (2015) Tablets: Specific, Generic, Perfect? In: Bassett, C., Burns, R., Glasson, R. and O’Riordan, K., eds. The Tablet Book. REFRAME books, Falmer, UK, pp. 206-231. ISBN 9780993199615

Evans, Leighton (2010) Authenticity Online: Using Webnography to Address Phenomenological Concerns In: Mousoutzanis, A. and Riha, D., eds. New Media and the Politics of Online Communities. Critical Issues : Imaginative Research in a Changing World. . Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, UK, pp. 11-17. ISBN 9781848880320

Evans, Leighton (2016) Feeling place in the city: strange ontologies, Foursquare and location-based social media In: Kitchin, R. and Perng, S-Y., eds. Code and the City. Regions and Cities . Routledge, London. ISBN 9781138922112

Evans, Leighton (2013) How to build a map for nothing: Immaterial labour and location-based social networking In: Lovink, G. and Rasch, M., eds. Unlike Us Reader: Social Media Monopolies and their alternatives. Unlike Us . Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, pp. 189-199. ISBN 9789081857529

Evans, Leighton and Rees, Sian (2012) An Interpretation of Digital Humanities In: Berry, D.M., ed. Understanding Digital Humanities. Palgrave macmillan, London, pp. 21-42. ISBN 0230292658

Fotopoulou, Aristea (2018) From networked to quantified self: Self-tracking and the moral economy of data In: Papacharissi, Zizi, ed. A Networked Self: Platforms, Stories, Connections. Routledge, New York. ISBN 9781138722675

Magnusson, Thor (2008) Expression and Time: The Question of Strata and Time Management in Art Practices using Technology In: de Valk, Marloes and Mansoux, Aymericx, eds. FLOSS + Art. OpenMute, London, UK, pp. 232-248. ISBN ISBN 978-1-906496-18-0

Sugden, John and Tomlinson, Alan (2008) Sport Journalism: Persistent themes and changing times In: Franklin, Bob, ed. Pulling Newspapers Apart: Analysing Print Journalism. Routledge, London, pp. 153-161. ISBN 0415425557

Youngs, Gillian (2015) Digital transformations of transnational feminism in theory and practice In: Baksh, R. and Harcourt, W., eds. The Oxford handbook of transnational feminist movements. Oxford Handbooks in Politics & International Relations . Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 857-870. ISBN 9780199943494 (Unpublished)

Youngs, Gillian (2013) Digital world: connectivity, creativity and rights In: Youngs, Gillian, ed. Digital world: connectivity, creativity and rights. Routledge research in political communication . Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 1-14. ISBN 9780415839082

Contribution to conference proceedings in the public domain

Evans, Leighton and Donnellan, Brian (2015) Unpacking the 'Thing' in the Internet of Things In: AIS SIGPRAG Pre-ICIS Workshop 2015 “Practice-based Design and Innovation of Digital Artifacts”, Fort Worth, Texas, 12 Dec, 2015.

Jenzen, Olu (2014) Digital cultures of resistance: LGBTQ social media popular culture strategies and activism In: Creative Citizens: the conference, Royal College of Art, 18-19 September 2014.

Edited Collections

Bassett, C.J., Burns, Ryan, Glasson, Russell and O'Riordan, K. (2015) The Tablet Book [Edited Collections]

Caudwell, Jayne, Redhead, S.C. and Tomlinson, Alan (2008) Relocating the Leisure Society: Media, Consumption and Spaces [Edited Collections]

Kirisits, Nicolaj, Behrendt, Frauke, Gaye, Lalya and Tanaka, Atau (2008) Creative Interactions – The Mobile Music Workshops 2004-2008 [Edited Collections]

Journal article

Atkinson, Sarah (2011) Surrounded by sound: the aesthetics of multichannel and hypersonic soundscapes and aural architectures The Soundtrack, 4 (1). pp. 5-21. ISSN 1751-4193

Behrendt, Frauke (2013) GPS Sound Walks, Ecotones and Edge Species Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology, 12 (1). pp. 25-28. ISSN 1607-3304

Behrendt, Frauke (2016) Why cycling matters for Smart Cities. Internet of Bicycles for Intelligent Transport Journal of Transport Geography, 56. pp. 157-164. ISSN 0966-6923

Behrendt, Frauke (2012) The sound of locative media Convergence, 18 (3). ISSN 1354-8565

Connell, Liam (2012) The Worker as Revenant: Imagining Embodied Labor in Contemporary Visualizations of Migration Social Text, 30 (2). pp. 1-20. ISSN 0164-2472

Evans, Leighton (2015) Being-towards the social: Mood and orientation to location-based social media, computational things and applications New Media & Society, 17 (6). pp. 845-860. ISSN 1461-4448

Evans, Leighton (2011) Location-based services: Transformation of the experience of space Journal of Location Based Services, 5 (3-4). pp. 242-260. ISSN 1748-9725

Evans, Leighton (2014) Maps as Deep: Reading the Code of Location-Based Social Networks IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, 33 (1). pp. 73-80. ISSN 0278-0097

Fotopoulou, Aristea (2014) Digital and networked by default? Women's organisations and the social imaginary of networked feminism New Media & Society, 18 (6). pp. 989-1005. ISSN 1461-4448

Fotopoulou, Aristea and Couldry, Nick (2014) Telling the story of the stories: online content curation and digital engagement Information Communication and Society, 18 (2). pp. 235-249. ISSN 1369-118X

Fotopoulou, Aristea and O'Riordan, Kate (2014) Feminist Digital Media Praxis: An Introduction Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology, 5. ISSN 2325-0496

Fotopoulou, Aristea and O'Riordan, Kate (2016) Training to self-care: fitness tracking, biopedagogy and the healthy consumer Health Sociology Review, 26 (1). pp. 54-68. ISSN 1446-1242

Horner, David and Day, Peter (1995) Labour and the information society: trades union policies for teleworking Journal of Information Science, 21 (5). pp. 333-341. ISSN 0165-5515

Jakubowska, Honorata, Channon, Alex and Matthews, Christopher (2016) Gender, media and mixed martial arts in Poland: the case of Joanna Jędrzejczyk Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 40 (5). pp. 410-431. ISSN 0193-7235

Jenzen, Olu and Karl, Irmgard (2014) Make, share, care: social media and LGBTQ youth engagement Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology, 5. ISSN 2325-0496

Koulouris, Theodore (2018) Online misogyny and the alternative right: debating the undebatable Feminist Media Studies. ISSN 1468-0777

McEnnis, Simon (2015) Following the action: how live bloggers are reimagining the professional ideology of sports journalism Journalism Practice, 10 (8). pp. 967-982. ISSN 1751-2786

McEnnis, Simon (2016) Playing on the same pitch: attitudes of sports journalists towards fan bloggers Digital Journalism, 5 (5). pp. 549-566. ISSN 2167-0811

Perng, Sung-Yueh, Kitchin, Rob and Evans, Leighton (2016) Locative media and data-driven computing experiments Big Data and Society. pp. 1-12. ISSN 2053-9517

Reisdorf, B.C. and Jewkes, Yvonne (2016) (B)Locked Sites: Cases of Internet Use in 3 British Prisons Information Communication and Society, 19 (6). pp. 771-786. ISSN 1369-118X

Saker, Michael and Evans, Leighton (2016) Everyday life and locative play: an exploration of Foursquare and playful engagements with space and place Media Culture & Society, 38 (8). pp. 1169-1183. ISSN 0163-4437

Saker, Michael and Evans, Leighton (2016) Locative Media and Identity: Accumulative technologies of the self SAGE Open. ISSN 2158-2440

Saker, Michael and Evans, Leighton (2016) Locative mobile media and time: Foursquare and technological memory First Monday, 21 (2). ISSN 1396-0466

Smith, Gillian (2010) Blogging and the creative process Journal of Media Practice, 11 (3). pp. 281-287. ISSN 1468-2753

Report (for external body)

Fotopoulou, Aristea (2014) Tracking biodata: Ownership and sharing, Final report [Report (for external body)]

Inglewood, Richard and Youngs, Gillian (2014) Designing the Digital Economy - Embedding Growth through Design, Innovation and Technology [Report (for external body)]

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