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Contribution to conference proceedings in the public domain

Baha, B. (2003) Engineering Education in Afghanistan In: WFEO/ASEE International Colloquium 2003.

Baha, B. (2005) Modernizing the curriculum for the department of electrical engineering of Kabul University In: SAE Conference, 17-18 Dec 2005, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Baha, B. and Katz, Tim (2010) The effect of partnerships on engineering education in Afghanistan In: International Symposium for Engineering (ISEE 2010), University College Cork, Ireland.

Gill, Deshinder, Katz, Tim and Covill, Derek (2009) Using online journals in engineering courses In: Proceedings from the 11th international conference on engineering and product design education, University of Brighton, 10 -11 September 2009.

Günzel, Friederike, Fyfe, Colin J. and Davies, Michael C.R. (2003) Use of ERT in a Geotechnical Centrifuge In: 3rd World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography, 2-3 Sep 2003, Banff, Canada.

Thomas, Alan, Petridis, Miltiadis, Walters, Simon, Malekshahi Gheytassi, Mohammad and Morgan, Robert (2015) On predicting the optimal number of hidden nodes In: 2015 international conference on computational science and computational intelligence, Las Vegas, 7-9 December 2015.

Zhang, H., Busbridge, Simon, Garrett, Christopher and Fryer, Peter A. (2006) Simulation of reconstruction of oversampled signals in digital loudspeakers In: 120th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, 20-23 May 2006, Paris, France.

Edited Collections

Howlett, R.J., Jain, Lakhmi C. and Lee, Shin (2011) Sustainability in Energy and Buildings Results of the Second International Conference in Sustainability in Energy and Buildings (SEB'10) [Edited Collections]

Journal article

Babiker, Mohammed Elamen, Aziz, Rashid A., Heikal, Morgan and Yusup, Suzana (2013) Pyrolsis characteristics of Phoenix dactylifra date palm seeds using thermo-gravimetric analysis (TGA) International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, 4 (5). pp. 521-254. ISSN 2010-0264

Baïri, Abderrahmane, Crua, Cyril, Bauzin, Jean-Gabriel and Baïri, Iken (2016) Aerodynamical phenomena in a large top covered wind mill with vertical axis wind turbine International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow, 26 (1). pp. 365-379. ISSN 0961-5539

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Bruce, Alison, Simpson, J., Warner, D.D., Baktash, C., Barton, C.J., Bentley, M.A., Brinkman, M.J., Cunningham, R.A., Dragulescu, E., Frankland, L., Ginter, T.N., Gross, C.J., Lemmon, R.C., MacDonald, B., O'Leary, C.D., Vincent, S.M., Wyss, R., Yu, C.H. and Zamfir, N.V. (2000) Two-neutron alignment and shape changes in 69As Physical Review C, 62. pp. 1-4. ISSN 1089-490X

Cemesova, Alexandra, Hopfe, Christina J. and McLeod, Robert (2015) PassivBIM: Enhancing interoperability between BIM and low energy design software Automation in Construction, 57. pp. 17-32. ISSN 0926-5805

Chandler, C., Regan, P.H., Blank, B., Pearson, C.J., Bruce, Alison, Catford, W.N., Curtis, N., Czahjiwski, S., Dessagne, Ph., Fleury, A., Gelletly, W., Giovinazzo, J., Grzywacz, R., Janas, Z., Lewitowica, M., Marchand, C., Miehe, Ch., Orr, N.A., Page, R.D., Pravikoff, M.S., Reed, A.T., Saint-Laurent, M.G., Vincent, S.M., Wadsworth, R., Warner, D.D., Winfield, J.S. and Xu, F. (2000) Observation of isomeric states in neutron deficient A~80 nuclei following the projectile fragmentation of 92Mo Physical Review C, 61 (4). pp. 1-14. ISSN 1089-490X

Covill, Derek (2009) The growing use of video in engineering and design education Engineering Designer, 35 (1). pp. 18-20. ISSN 0013-7898

Covill, Derek, Katz, Tim, Gill, Deshinder and Morris, Richard (2009) Videocasts in engineering and design education Proceedings from the 11th international conference on engineering and product design education, Creating a better world. pp. 140-145.

Covill, Derek, Katz, Tim and Morris, Richard (2008) Teaching and assessing CAD using online demonstrations Proceedings of EDPE '08: Learning Technology, 2. pp. 681-686.

Gondro, J., Bloch, K., Nabialek, M. and Walters, Simon (2017) Microstructure and Soft Magnetic Properties of Fe-Zr-(Pt)-Nb-Cu-B Amorphous Alloys Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, 62 (2). pp. 707-710. ISSN 2300-1909

Ibrahim, Adam, Aziz, Rashid A., Yusup, Suzana, Heikal, Morgan and Hagos, Ftwi (2016) Optimization of Performance and Emissions of a Diesel Engine Fuelled with Rubber Seed-Palm Biodiesel Blends using Response Surface Method Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 4 (2). pp. 401-421. ISSN 2321-0893

Judson, D.S., Bruce, Alison, Kibedi, T., Dracoulis, G.D., Byrne, A.P., Lane, G.J., Maier, K.H., Moon, C.-B., Nieminen, P., Orce, J.N. and Taylor, M.J. (2007) Structure of the isomeric states in 123,125Sb Physical Review C, 76. pp. 1-7. ISSN 1089-490X

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Mameli, Mauro, Mangini, Daniele, Vanoli, Giulio Filippo Tancredi, Araneo, L., Filippeschi, S. and Marengo, Marco (2016) Advanced multi-evaporator loop thermosyphon Energy, 112. pp. 562-573. ISSN 0360-5442

Morgan, Robert (2016) Liquid air energy storage – from theory to demonstration International Journal of Environmental Studies, 72 (3). pp. 469-480. ISSN 0020-7233

Munir, Shahzad, Heikal, Morgan, Aziz, Rashid A., Muthuvalu, Mohana, Jaafar, Azuraien and Siddiqui, Muhammad Israr (2014) Dynamical analysis of turbulent liquid phase in two-phase pipe flow ScienceAsia, 40. pp. 63-68. ISSN 1513-1874

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Sazhin, Sergei (2012) Computational Fluid Dynamics: a tool for engineering research? Irrigation and Drainage Systems Engineering, 1 (4). pp. 1-2. ISSN 2168-9768

Sazhin, Sergei (2017) Modelling of fuel droplet heating and evaporation: Recent results and unsolved problems Fuel, 196. pp. 69-101. ISSN 0016-2361

Sazhin, Sergei, Elwardany, A.E. and Heikal, Morgan (2015) New approaches to the modelling of multi-component fuel droplet heating and evaporation Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 585. ISSN 1742-6588

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Velimira, Petrović, Bracanovic, Zlataa, Branka, Grozdenović, Stojan, Petrović, Sazhin, Sergei and Dragan, Knežević (2015) The design of a full flow dilution tunnel with a critical flow venturi for the measurement of Diesel engine particulate emission FME Transactions, 43 (2). ISSN 1451-2092


Buck, Austen Robson (2016) Human-specific bacteriophages in sediments: a novel approach to waterborne hazard identification Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Julienne Carol, Attwood (2007) Physical Ageing by Ultra Violet Degradation of Recycled Polyolefin Blends Masters thesis, University of Brighton.

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