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Hooker, Charlie (2008) Timeline 2 [Artefact]

Kermik, Jüri (2012) PlyFlax (working title) [Artefact]

Chapter in book

Andredaki, Manolia, Georgoulas, Anastasios, Hrissanthou, Vlassios and Kotsovinos, Nikolaos (2015) Assessment of Reservoir Sedimentation Effect on Coastal Erosion and Evaluation of Sediment Removal Techniques for Its Reduction — The Case of Nestos River, Greece In: Hrissanthou, Vlassios, ed. Effects of Sediment Transport on Hydraulic Structures. InTech, Rijeka, Croatia, pp. 59-88. ISBN 9789535122319

Baha, B. and Baha, Z. (2008) Technical, vocational and engineering education in Afghanistan In: American Society of Engineering Education. ASEE, Philadelphia, USA. ISBN 087823196X

Lefkaditis, D., Awcock, G., Howlett, R.J., Kallianiotis, A. and Koutrakis, E. (2008) Intelligent optical otolith classification for species recognition of osteichthytes. In: Proceedings of the International Topical Meeting in Optical Sensing and Artificial Vision. OSAV'2008, St Petersburg, Russia, pp. 424-431. ISBN 9875757703336

Contribution to conference proceedings in the public domain

Al Qubeissi, Mansour and Sazhin, Sergei (2015) Modelling of droplet heating and evaporation: an application to biodiesel, gasoline and Diesel fuels In: 8th International Conference on Thermal Engineering: Theory and Applications, Amman-Jordan, May 18-21, 2015.

Andredaki, Manolia, Georgoulas, Anastasios, Hrissanthou, Vlassios and Kotsovinos, Nikolaos (2012) The Effect of Reservoir Sedimentation on Coastal Erosion: the Case of Nestos River, Greece In: Proceedings of the TU/MEDFRIEND International Conference on Sediment Transport Modeling in Hydrological Watersheds and Rivers, Istanbul, Turkey, 14-18 November, 2012.

Baha, B. and Ahmadi, O. (2010) The rapid development of Computer Science and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)courses at higher education institutions in Afghanistan In: 2010 ASEE Annual Conference, 20-23 June, 2010, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

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Georgoulas, Anastasios, Andredaki, Manolia and Hrissanthou, Vlassios (2014) Sediment management in reservoirs in order to reduce shoreline erosion: The case of Nestos River, Greece In: 4th International Symposium on Sediment Management, Ferrari, Italy, 2014.

Martynov, S.B., Mason, David and Heikal, Morgan (2005) Hydrodynamic Similarity of Cavitation Flows in Nozzles In: 5th International Symposium on Multiphase Flow, Heat Mass Transfer and Energy Conversion, 3-6 Jul 2005, Xi'an, China.

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Panesar, Angad, Morgan, Robert, Miche, Nicolas and Heikal, Morgan (2013) The potential of bottoming cycle applied to a high exhaust gas recirculation engine for maximum fuel consumption improvement In: 2nd International Workshop on Heat Transfer Advances for Energy Conservation and Pollution Control, Xi’an, China, October 18-21, 2013.

Rybdylova, Oyuna and Sazhin, Sergei (2016) Meshless methods for ‘gas ‐ evaporating droplet’ flow modelling In: MURPHYS-HSFS 2016 Workshop on Slow-Fast Systems and Systems with Hysteresis, CRM, Bellaterra, Spain, 13-17 June 2016.

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Sazhin, Sergei and Al Qubeissi, Mansour (2016) Modelling of automotive fuel droplet heating and evaporation: mathematical tools and approximations In: MURPHYS-HSFS-2014: 7th International Workshop on MUlti-Rate Processes & HYSteresis (MURPHYS) & the 2nd International Workshop on Hysteresis and Slow-Fast Systems (HSFS), Berlin, Germany, 7–11 April 2014.

Sazhin, Sergei, Al Qubeissi, Mansour, Crua, Cyril and Heikal, Morgan (2015) Modelling of Heating and Evaporation of Biodiesel Fuel Droplets In: International Conference on Heat Transfer and Applications, London, January, 19-20, 2015.

Sazhin, Sergei, Heikal, Morgan, Dombrovsky, L.A. and Sazhina, Elena (2002) New models for convective and radiative heating of fuel droplets: application to numerical simulation of combustion processes in diesel engines In: 9th International Conference on Numerical Combustion, 7-10 April 2002, Sorrento, Italy. (Unpublished)

Walters, Simon (2010) Simulation of Fuzzy Control Applied to a Railway Pantograph-Catenary System In: International Conference on Knowledge-based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems (KES2010), 8th–10th September 2010, Cardiff, UK.

Xeidakis, G., Georgoulas, Anastasios, Kotsovinos, Nikolaos, Delimani, P. and Varaggouli, E. (2010) Environmental degradation of coastal zone of the west part of Nestos River Delta, N. Greece In: Proceedings of the 12th International Congress of the Geological Society of Greece, Patras, Greece.

Zaripov, Timur, Gilfanov, Artur, Sazhin, Sergei, Begg, Steven and Heikal, Morgan (2016) Concentration of droplets in a Transit Gas Flow In: International Scolarly and Scientific Research and Innovation 14th, Portugal, 14th - 15th April 2016.

Zaripov, Timur, Gilfanov, Artur, Sazhin, Sergei, Begg, Steven and Heikal, Morgan (2016) Concentration of droplets in a transient gas flow In: 18th International Conference on Aerosol Science and Technology, Lisbon, Portugal, 14-15 April 2016.

Edited Collections

Clews, David (2009) Dialogues in Art Design: Promoting and Sharing Excellence [Edited Collections]

Hopfe, Christina J. and McLeod, Robert (2015) The Passivhaus Designer's Manual: A technical guide to low and zero energy buildings [Edited Collections]

Lloyd, Peter and Bohemia, Erik (2016) Proceedings of DRS 2016 International Conference: Future-Focused Thinking [Edited Collections]

Journal article

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Al Qubeissi, Mansour (2015) Heating and evaporation of automotive fuel droplets Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

Barbosa, Sabrina (2015) Thermal performance of naturally ventilated office buildings with double skin façade under Brazilian climate conditions Doctoral thesis, University of Brighton.

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Working Paper

Akhurst, M., Arbon, I., Ayres, M., Brandon, N., Bruges, R., Cooper, S., Ding, Y., Evison, T., Goode, N., Grünewald, P., Heyes, A.L., Li, Y., Markides, C., Morgan, Robert, Morris, R., Nelmes, S., Owen, N., Peters, T., Price, A., Raquet, J., Sanders, D., Saunders, S., Schlotmann, A., Wen, D. and Wilks, M. (2013) Liquid Air in the energy and transport systems: opportunities for industry and innovation in the UK [Working Paper]

Other form of assessable output

Lloyd, Peter (2016) DRS2016: Future-Focused Thinking - Editorial Design Research Society, London.

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