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Authored book

Ebdon, James, Purnell, Sarah and Taylor, Huw (2008) Bacteriophages as tools for assessing the quality of surface waters impacted by point and non-point sources of faecal pollution in southern England Water and Environmental Management Series (WEMS) . IWA Publishing, London, UK.

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Chapter in book

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Contribution to conference proceedings in the public domain

Bench, Matthew L., Woodard, Ryan, Harder, Marie and Stantzos, Nikolaos (2004) Household attitudes to waste minimisation through home digestion of biodegradable waste In: ISWA World environment congress and exhibition, Rome, Italy.

Bilotta, Gary, Brazier, R.E., Butler, P., Scott, C. and Haygarth, P.M. (2008) An investigation into the influence of stocking density on the properties of soil and vegetation and the water quality of surface runoff in intensively managed grasslands In: Geophysical Research Abstracts, EGU General Assembly 2008.

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Edited Collections

Joyce, Christopher (2012) Preface: Wetland services and management [Edited Collections]

Journal article

Agnew, Kieran, Cundy, Andrew, Hopkinson, Laurence, Croudace, I.W., Warwick, P.E. and Purdie, P. (2011) Electrokinetic remediation of plutonium-contaminated nuclear site soil wastes: results from a pilot-scale on-site trial Journal of Hazardous Materials, 186 (2-3). pp. 1405-1414. ISSN 0304-3894

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