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Authored book

Bach, Shirley and Grant, Alec (2015) Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Nursing Tranforming Nursing Practice Series . Learning Matters, Exeter. ISBN 9781473902565

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Chapter in book

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Contribution to conference proceedings in the public domain

Bach, Shirley (2012) Nurse sensitive patient outcomes In: Closing the gap: from evidence to practice, Kuala Lumpur, 12 May 2012.

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Edited Collections

Petty, Nicola (2011) Principles of Neuromusculoskeletal Treatment and Management: a handbook for therapists. (2nd edition). [Edited Collections]

Digital and visual media

Sofaer-Bennett, B. (2008) A member of my family has chronic pain [Digital and visual media]

Journal article

Allan, Iain, Shevchenko, Rostislav, Rowshanravan, B., Karabanova, B.L.V., Jahoda, C.A. and James, S.Elizabeth (2009) The use of confocal laser scanning microscopy to assess the potential suitability of 3-D scaffolds for tissue regeneration, by monitoring extra-cellular matrix deposition and by quantifying cellular infiltration and proliferation Soft Materials, 7 (4). pp. 1-23. ISSN 1539-445X

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