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Atkinson, Sarah and Kennedy, Helen W. (2016) From conflict to revolution: The secret aesthetic, narrative spatialisation and audience experience in immersive cinema design Participations, 13 (1). pp. 252-279. ISSN 1749-8716

Atkinson, Sarah and Kennedy, Helen W. (2016) Inside-the-scenes: The rise of experiential cinema Participations, 13 (1). pp. 139-151. ISSN 1749-8716

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Atkinson, Sarah (2015) Interactive ‘making-of’ machines: The performance and materiality of the processes, spaces and labor of VFX production Spectator: The University of Southern California Journal of Film and Television, 35 (1). pp. 36-46.

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Atkinson, Sarah (2012) Sparking ideas, making connections: digital film archives and collaborative scholarship Frames Cinema Journal (1). ISSN 2053-8812

Atkinson, Sarah, Cole, Marley, McCarthy, Marie and Weatherall, Sarah (2012) 1908: Body and Soul [Performance]

Atkinson, Sarah (2012) HEA/JISC Open Educational Resources case study, pedagogical development from OER practice: Film and audio-visual media OER: the case of SP-ARK, the Sally Potter film archive [Report (for external body)]

Atkinson, Sarah and Ćalic, Janko (2012) Audiovisual Media Open Educational Resources. The case of SP-ARK: The Sally Potter Film Archive In: ECLAP 2012: Conference on Information Technologies for Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment, Convitto della Calza, Florence, Italy, 7-9 May 2012.

Atkinson, Sarah, Casey, John, Follows, Christopher, Flint, Debbie and Mallinder, Stephen (2012) Disciplinary and Institutional Perspectives on Open Educational Practice in Art, Design and Media Studies: Opportunities and Challenges In: Proceedings of Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact - Openly Collaborating to Enhance Education, a joint meeting of OER12 and OpenCourseWare Consortium Global 2012, Cambridge, UK.

Follows, Christopher and Atkinson, Sarah (2012) Open Educational Social Media Content Groups and Networks within the Arts, Design & Media Education In: Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact - Openly Collaborating to Enhance Education, Cambridge University.

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Atkinson, Sarah (2011) Teaching Off-Line Digital Video Editing On-Line: An Exploration into Editing and Postproduction Digital Pedagogic Practice In: Wankel, C. and Sibley Law, J., eds. Streaming Media Delivery in Higher Education: Methods and Outcomes. IGI Global, Hershey, pp. 121-135. ISBN 9781609608026

Atkinson, Sarah (2009) An Interactive Film Demonstration: Crossed Lines In: Iurgel, I.A., Zagalo, N. and Petta, P., eds. Interactive Storytelling: Second Joint International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, ICIDS 2009, Guimarães, Portugal, December 9-11, 2009, Proceedings. Lecture notes in computer science, 5915 (5915). Springer, Berlin, pp. 328-331. ISBN 3642106420

Atkinson, Sarah (2007) Crossed Lines: the creation of a multiform, multiscreen interactive film Nebula, 4 (3). pp. 79-99. ISSN 1449-7751

Atkinson, Sarah (2007) The versatility of visualization: delivering interactive feature film content on DVD Nebula, 4 (2). pp. 21-39. ISSN 1449-7751

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