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Alrekabi, S., Andrew, Cundy, Lampropoulos, Andreas, Whitby, Raymond and Savina, Irina (2017) Effect of high-intensity sonication on the dispersion of carbon-based nanofilaments in cementitious composites, and its impact on mechanical performance Materials and Design, 136. pp. 223-237. ISSN 0264-1275

Alrekabi, S., Andrew, Cundy, Lampropoulos, Andreas, Whitby, Raymond and Savina, Irina (2017) Mechanical performance of novel cement-based composites prepared with nano-fibres, and hybrid nano- and micro- fibres Composite Structures, 178. pp. 145-156. ISSN 0263-8223

Dichello, Gennaro, Pannala, Ananth, Fukuda, T., Maekawa, T., Whitby, Raymond, Mikhalovsky, Sergey, Alavijeh, M. and Sarker, Dipak (2017) Preparation of liposomes containing small gold nanoparticles using electrostatic interactions European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 105. pp. 55-63. ISSN 0928-0987

Alrekabi, S., Andrew, Cundy, Whitby, Raymond, Lampropoulos, Andreas and Savina, Irina (2017) Effect of Undensified Silica Fume on the Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes within a Cementitious Composite In: Applied Nanotechnology and Nanoscience International Conference 2016 (ANNIC 2016), Pompeu Fabra University, Spain, 9–11 November 2016 Carrer de Balmes 132, Barcelona.

Busquets Santacana, Rosa, Ivanov, A.E., Mbundi, Lubinda, Horberg, Sofia, Kozynchenko, O.P., Cragg, Peter, Savina, Irina, Whitby, Raymond, Mikhalovsky, Sergey, Tennison, S.R., Jungvid, H. and Cundy, Andrew (2016) Carbon-cryogel hierarchical composites as effective and scalable filters for removal of trace organic pollutants from water Journal of Environmental Management, 182. pp. 141-148. ISSN 0301-4797

Cooper, Ian, Illsley, Matthew, Korobeinyk, Alina and Whitby, Raymond (2015) Bacteriophage-nanocomposites: an easy and reproducible method for the construction, handling, storage and transport of conjugates for deployment of bacteriophages active against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Journal of Microbiological Methods, 111. pp. 111-118. ISSN 0167-7012

Busquets Santacana, Rosa, Kozynchenko, O.P., Whitby, Raymond, Tennison, S.R. and Cundy, Andrew (2014) Phenolic carbon tailored for the removal of polar organic contaminants from water: A solution to the metaldehyde problem? Water Research, 61. pp. 46-56. ISSN 0043-1354

Fagan-Murphy, Aidan, Whitby, Raymond and Patel, Bhavik (2013) Buckycolumn electrodes: a practical and improved alternative to conventional materials utilised for biological electrochemical monitoring Journal of Physical Chemistry B Materials, 1 (35). pp. 4359-4363. ISSN 1089-5647

Katok, Kseniia, Whitby, Raymond, Fayon, Franck, Bonnamy, Sylvie, Mikhalovsky, Sergey and Cundy, Andrew (2013) Synthesis and Application of Hydride Silica Composites for Rapid and Facile Removal of Aqueous Mercury ChemPhysChem, 14 (18). pp. 4126-4133. ISSN 1439-4235

Karabanova, Lyudmyla V., Whitby, Raymond, Bershtein, Vladimir A., Korobeinyk, Alina, Lloyd, Andrew, Yakushev, Pavel N., Bondaruk, Oksana and Mikhalovsky, Sergey (2013) The role of interfacial chemistry and interactions in the dynamics of thermosetting polyurethane-multiwalled carbon nanotube composites at low filler contents Colloid and Polymer Science, 291 (3). pp. 573-583. ISSN 0303-402X

Aschenbrenner, O., Fukuda, T., Hasumura, T., Maekawa, T., Cundy, Andrew and Whitby, Raymond (2012) Creation of spherical carbon nanoparticles and clusters from carbon dioxide via UV dissociation at the critical point Green Chemistry, 14 (4). pp. 1196-1201. ISSN 1463-9262

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Karabanova, Lyuda, Whitby, Raymond, Korobeinyk, Alina, Bondaruk, Oksana, Salvage, Jonathan, Lloyd, Andrew and Mikhalovsky, Sergey (2012) Microstructure changes of polyurethane by inclusion of chemically modified carbon nanotubes at low filler contents Composites Science and Technology, 72 (8). pp. 865-872. ISSN 0266-3538

Korobeinyk, Alina, Whitby, Raymond, Salvage, Jonathan and Mikhalovsky, Sergey (2012) Exfoliated production of single- and multi-layer graphenes and carbon nanofibres from the carbonisation of a co-polymer Carbon, 50 (5). pp. 2018-2025. ISSN 0008-6223

Whitby, Raymond, Gun'ko, V.M., Korobeinyk, Alina, Busquets Santacana, Rosa, Cundy, Andrew, Laszlo, K., Skubiszewska-Zieba, J., Leboda, R., Tombacz, E., Toth, I.Y., Kovacs, K. and Mikhalovsky, Sergey (2012) Driving forces of conformational changes in single-layer graphene oxide ACS Nano, 6 (5). pp. 3967-3973. ISSN 1936-0851

Gladwin, Karen M., Whitby, Raymond, Mikhalovsky, Sergey, Tomlins, Paul and Adu, Jimi (2012) In vitro biocompatibility of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with sensory neurons Advanced Healthcare Materials. ISSN 2192-2640

Savina, Irina, English, Christopher, Whitby, Raymond, Zheng, Yishan, Leistner, A., Mikhalovsky, Sergey and Cundy, Andrew (2011) High efficiency removal of dissolved As(III) using iron nanoparticle-embedded macroporous polymer composites Journal of Hazardous Materials, 192 (3). pp. 1002-1008. ISSN 0304-3894

Voitko, K.V., Whitby, Raymond, Gun'ko, V.M., Bakalinska, O.M., Kartel, M.T., Laszlo, K., Cundy, Andrew and Mikhalovsky, Sergey (2011) Morphological and chemical features of nano and macroscale carbons affecting hydrogen peroxide decomposition in aqueous media Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 361 (1). pp. 129-136. ISSN 0021-9797

Korobeinyk, A.V., Whitby, Raymond, Niu, J.J., Gogotsi, Y. and Mikhalovsky, Sergey (2011) Rapid assembly of carbon nanotube-based magnetic composites Materials Chemistry and Physics, 128 (3). pp. 514-518. ISSN 0254-0584

Whitby, Raymond, Korobeinyk, Alina, Gun'ko, V.M., Busquets Santacana, Rosa, Cundy, Andrew, Laszlo, K., Skubiszewska-Zieba, J., Leboda, R., Tombacz, E., Toth, I.Y., Kovacs, K. and Mikhalovsky, Sergey (2011) pH-driven physicochemical conformational changes of single-layer graphene oxide Chemical Communications, 47 (34). pp. 9645-9647. ISSN 1359-7345

Wang, Z., Whitby, Raymond, Rousseau, M., Nevill, S., Geaves, G. and Mikhalovsky, Sergey (2011) Vibration reduction ability of MWCNT PVAc composites measured under high frequency for acoustic device application Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21. pp. 4150-4155. ISSN 0959-9428

Whitby, Raymond, Korobeinyk, A. and Glevatska, K.V. (2011) Morphological changes and covalent reactivity assessment of single layer graphene oxides under carboxylic group-targeted chemistry Carbon, 49 (2). pp. 722-725. ISSN 0008-6223

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Whitby, Raymond, Korobeinyk, A.V., Mikhalovsky, Sergey, Fukuda, T. and Maekawa, T. (2011) Morphological effects of single-layer graphene oxide in the formation of covalently bonded polypyrrole composites using intermediate diisocyanate chemistry Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 13 (10). pp. 4829-4837. ISSN 1388-0764

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Whitby, Raymond, Fukuda, T., Maekawa, T., Mikhalovsky, Sergey and Cundy, Andrew (2010) Real-time imaging of complex nanoscale mechanical responses of carbon nanotubes in highly-compressible porous monoliths Nanotechnology, 21 (7). ISSN 0957-4484

Wang, Zhaowei, Shirley, Mark D., Meikle, Steve, Whitby, Raymond and Mikhalovsky, Sergey (2009) The surface acidity of acid oxidised multi-walled carbon nanotubes and the influence of in-situ generated fulvic acids on their stability in aqueous dispersions Carbon, 47 (1). pp. 73-79. ISSN 0008-6223

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