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Perryman, Mark (2016) 1966 and not all that [Edited Collections]

Perryman, Mark (2013) The good, the bad and the orbit In: Perryman, Mark, ed. London 2012: how was it for us? Lawrence & Wishart, London, England, pp. 13-43. ISBN 9781907103797

Perryman, Mark (2013) London 2012: how was it for us? [Edited Collections]

Perryman, Mark (2013) Three lions ate my shirt: England fans in South Africa In: Alegi, P. and Bolsmann, C., eds. Africa's World Cup: critical reflections on play, patriotism, spectatorship, and space. The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, USA, pp. 159-167. ISBN 9780472071944

Perryman, Mark (2012) Why the Olympics aren't good for us, and how they can be OR Books, London, UK. ISBN 193592883X

Perryman, Mark (2012) Red, white and blue labour Soundings: A Journal of Politics and Culture, 1 (50). pp. 95-106. ISSN 1362-6620

Perryman, Mark (2011) Team GB, the bards of Britishness and a disunited kingdom In: Sugden, John and Tomlinson, Alan, eds. Watching the Olympics. Routledge, London, pp. 201-212. ISBN 0415578337

Perryman, Mark (2010) Ingerland: travels with a football nation Simon & Schuster, UK. ISBN 9781416502678

Perryman, Mark (2009) Breaking up Britain: four nations after a union [Edited Collections]

Perryman, Mark (2009) The patriot's game Soundings: A Journal of Politics and Culture, 43. pp. 35-45. ISSN 1362-6620

Perryman, Mark (2008) Imagined nation: England after Britain [Edited Collections]

Perryman, Mark and Marqusee, M. (2006) Anyone but Ingerland? Red Pepper, 141.

Perryman, Mark (2006) Ingerland: Travels with a Football Nation Simon & Schuster Ltd, Cambridge. ISBN 0743268733

Perryman, Mark (2003) Fandom Resistance New Formations, 48. pp. 176-178. ISSN 1741-0789

Perryman, Mark (2002) Going Oriental: Football After World Cup 2002 [Edited Collections]

Perryman, Mark (2002) Ingerland Expects: Football, National Identity and World Cup 2002 Sponsored by The Football Association, UK Sport, UNISON and Ladbrokes . Institute for Public Policy Research, London. ISBN 1860301908

Perryman, Mark (2001) Hooligan wars – causes and effects of football violence Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh. ISBN 1840184213

Perryman, Mark (2001) England’s Screaming In: Hall, S., Massey, D., Rustin, M. and Hassan, G., eds. States of Mind ("Soundings"). Lawrence & Wishart Ltd, London. ISBN 0853159262

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