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Purbrick, Louise (2018) Long Kesh/Maze: A Case for Participation in Post-Conflict Heritage In: Crooke, E. and Maguire, T., eds. Heritage After Conflict: Northern Ireland. Routledge Studies in Heritage . Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 9780815386360

Ribas, Xavier, Acosta, Ignacio and Purbrick, Louise (2018) Trafficking the Earth [Exhibition]

Purbrick, Louise (2017) Maps & Lives [Exhibition]

Ribas, Xavier, Acosta, Ignacio and Purbrick, Louise (2017) Trafficking the Earth [Exhibition]

Purbrick, Louise (2017) Nitrate ruins: the photography of mining in the Atacama Desert, Chile Journal Of Latin American Cultural Studies, 26 (2). pp. 253-278. ISSN 1356-9325

Purbrick, Louise (2017) Mining Photography: The Oficina Alianza and Port of Iquique 1889 Anales del Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas, XXXIX (110). pp. 247-274. ISSN 0185-1276

Purbrick, Louise (2016) The raw materials of world history: re-visiting the Great Exhibition’s objects World History Connected, 13 (3). ISSN 1931-8642

Purbrick, Louise (2015) No frills: wedding presents and the meaning of marriage, 1945-2003 In: Miles, J., Moody, P. and Probert, R., eds. Marriage Rites and Rights. Family Law . Hart Publishing, London, pp. 77-98. ISBN 9781849469135

Purbrick, Louise (2015) Curating/Creating, art/activism: the place of collective participation Discover Society, 21.

Ashmore, Nicola, Purbrick, Louise and Rajguru, Megha (2014) Remaking Picasso's Guernica [Exhibition]

Purbrick, Louise (2014) “I love giving presents”: the emotion of material culture In: Moran, A. and O’Brien, S., eds. Love Objects: Emotion, Design and Material Culture. History and Culture of Design . Bloomsbury, London, pp. 9-20. ISBN 9780857858467

Purbrick, Louise (2014) Nitrate Traffic In: Ribas, Xavier, ed. Nitrate. Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), Barcelona, pp. 29-38. ISBN 9788492505661

Purbrick, Louise (2014) Cloth, gender, politics: the Armagh Handkerchief, 1976 Clio: Historie, Femmes Et Societes, 40. pp. 115-135. ISSN 1777-5299

Purbrick, Louise (2012) Trading the past: material culture of Long Kesh/Maze, Northern Ireland Journal of War and Culture Studies, 6 (1). p. 58. ISSN 1752-6272

Purbrick, Louise (2011) The Last Murals of Long Kesh: Fragments of Political Imprisonment at the Maze Prison, Northern Ireland In: Myers, Adrian and Moshenska, Gabriel, eds. Archaeologies of Internment. One World Archaeology . Springer, New York, pp. 263-284. ISBN 9781441996657

Purbrick, Louise (2011) Museums and the embodiment of human rights Museum and Society, 9 (3). pp. 166-189. ISSN 1479-8360

Purbrick, Louise (2011) The last murals of Long Kesh: fragments of political imprisonment at the Maze Prison, Northern Ireland In: Moshenska, Gabriel and Myers, Adrian, eds. Archaeologies of Internment. One World Archaeology . Springer, pp. 263-285. ISBN 9781441996657

Purbrick, Louise and Schofield, John (2009) Brixton: landscape of a riot Landscapes, 10 (1). pp. 1-20. ISSN 1466-2035

Purbrick, Louise (2008) Defining nation: Ireland at the Great Exhibition of 1851 In: Jeffrey, Auerbach and Peter, Hoffenberg, eds. Britain, the Empire, and the world at the Great Exhibition of 1851. Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. 47-76. ISBN 9780754662419

Purbrick, Louise, Aulich, Jim and Dawson, Graham (2007) Contested Spaces: Sites, Representations and Histories of Conflict [Edited Collections]

Purbrick, Louise (2007) The Wedding Present: Domestic Life Beyond Consumption Ashgate. ISBN 0-7546-4472-3

Schofield, John, Klausmeier, Axel and Purbrick, Louise (2006) Re-mapping the Field: New Approaches in Conflict Archaeology [Edited Collections]

Purbrick, Louise (2004) The Architecture of Containment In: The Maze. Granta, pp. 91-110. ISBN 1862076847

Purbrick, Louise (2003) Wedding presents: marriage gifts and the limits of consumption, Britain, 1945-2000 Journal of design history, 16 (3). pp. 215-227. ISSN 1741-7279

Purbrick, Louise (2001) The Great Exhibition of 1851 [Edited Collections]

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