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Horner, David (2011) Moral luck, information ethics and natural goodness In: CEPE 2011: Crossing Boundaries, University of Wisconsin.

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Horner, David (2007) Forecasting ethics and the ethics of forecasting: the case of nanotechnology In: ETHICOMP 2007: Glocalisation: Bridging the global nature of information and communication technology and the local nature of human beings, Global e-SCM Research Centre, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan, 27-29 March 2007.

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Horner, David and Mullen, H. (2004) Ethical issues in electronic environments: framework for understanding ethical issues in e-business and e-government In: Research papers of ECEG 2004 4th European Conference on e-Government: Towards innovative transformation in the public sector, Dublin Castle, Ireland, 17–18 June 2004.

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Horner, David (2002) Decisions under ignorance: the ethical control of information and communication technology. In: Ethicomp 2002, 13-15 Nov 2002, Lisbon, Portugal.

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