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Boscariol, Cristina, Sarker, Dipak, Chandra, S. and Marengo, Marco (2018) Drop impact onto suspended and surface-attached metallic meshes: liquid penetration and spreading In: ICLASS 2018, 14th Triennial International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Chicago, IL, USA, July 22-26, 2018.

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Sarker, Dipak (2012) Poster versus ‘PowerPoint’, paper versus thesis: Comparative studies based on the form of viva voce examination, which accompanies presentation of a formatted ‘manuscript-type’ thesis and its impact on M-level (level-7) and level-6 pharmacy and chemistry students, respectively In: Transitions quality, adaptability and sustainability in times of change: Learning and Teaching Conference 2011, University of Brighton, 2011.

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