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Tsekouras, George and Kompis, Costis (2014) Public-private innovation strategic alliances for SMEs: an emerging model In: Managing public-private strategic alliances. Research in strategic alliances . IAP, USA, pp. 27-84. ISBN 9781623964887

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Gannon, Shaun, Kanellou, Despina and Tsekouras, George (2010) Learning Processes in a Small Enterprise Learning Network in South Africa In: GLOBELICS 8th International Conference 2010, 1-3 Nov 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Unpublished)

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Readman, Jeffrey and Tsekouras, George (2008) Constructing new networks for economic development: Findings from the ProfitNet learning networks in Southeast England In: TCI 2008: 11th Annual Global Conference of The Competitiveness Institute. Clusters 2008, 27-31 Oct 2008, Cape Town, South Africa.

Marshall, Nicholas and Tsekouras, George (2008) Knowledge creation in managed learning networks: structuring informal relations or killing the goose that laid the golden egg? In: MOPAN - 15th Annual Conference on Multi-Organizational Partnerships, Alliances and Networks, 25-27 Jun 2008, Boston, USA.

de Campos, Andre and Tsekouras, George (2008) Linking Universities with SMEs: Do they know what they want from each other? In: British Acacdemy of Management Annual Conference, BAM 2008, 9-11 Sep 2008, Harrogate, UK.

Tsekouras, George (2006) Gaining competitive advantage through knowledge integration in a European industrialising economy International journal of technology management, 36 (1/2/3). pp. 126-147. ISSN 0267-5730

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