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Sosabowski, M.H., Finch, P., Campbell, D. and Samson, M. (2010) The E-book of Chemical Demonstrations Bentham Books. (In Press)

Sosabowski, M.H. (2009) Backyard chemistry: from sherbet to popping sandwich bags InfoChem, 116. p. 6. ISSN 1752-0533

Sosabowski, M.H. (2009) Backyard chemistry: the collapsing soda can and the power of atmospheric pressure InfoChem, 115. p. 6. ISSN 1752-0533

Sosabowski, M.H. (2009) Backyard chemistry: non-Newtonian liquids InfoChem, 114. p. 6. ISSN 1752-0533

Sosabowski, M.H. (2008) Giving chemistry the wow factor Royal Society of Chemistry, London, UK.

Sosabowski, M.H. (2008) Review of Wholly irresponsible experiments! Science that'll blow you away Royal Society of Chemistry, London, UK.

Sosabowski, M.H. (2007) Review of Chemistry, 3rd edition Royal Society of Chemistry, Education in Chemistry.

Seetharaman, S., Sosabowski, M.H. and Ballinger, J.R. (2007) Validation of alternative methods of preparing 99mTc-MAG3 Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 65 (11). pp. 1240-1243.

Seetharaman, S., Ballinger, J.R. and Sosabowski, M.H. (2006) Simplified method for determining the radiochemical purity of 99mTc-MAG3. Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology, 34 (3). pp. 179-83. ISSN 0091-4916

Sosabowski, M.H. (2004) Review of Clarke's analysis of drugs and poisons, 3rd ed. Pharmacy Education. ISSN 1560-2214

Sosabowski, M.H. and Bourner, Tom (2002) Literature searching in unfamiliar fields: an algorithm for practitioner researchers In: Greenfield, T., ed. Research methods for postgraduates. Edward Arnold, London. ISBN 0340806567

Sosabowski, M.H. (2002) To teach or not to teach? Chemistry in britain, 38. p. 21.

Field, J.S., Haines, R.J., Lakoba, E.I. and Sosabowski, M.H. (2001) Novel diphenylphosphine derivatives of 2,2’bithiophene, 2,2:5’,2’’-terthiophene, 2-(2’-thienyl)pyridine and 2,6-(thienyl)pyridine). Crystal structures of 5,5’-bis(diphenylphosphino)-2,2’bithiophene, 2,6-bis[(5’diphenylphosphino)-2’-thienyl]pyridine and diphenyl[5-(2’-{6-diphenylphosphino}pyridyl)-2-thienyl]phosphine Journal of the Chemical Society-Perkin Transactions, 1 (24). pp. 3352-3360. ISSN 1472-7781

Sosabowski, M.H., Sosabowski, J. and Zweit, J. (1998) Labelling of deferoxamine-folate with zirconium-89: a potential tumour targeting PET radiopharmaceutical Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals, 37. pp. 372-374. ISSN 0362-4803

Bolton, R. and Sosabowski, M.H. (1998) Polycyclic Rings Comprising a Pyridine and Two or More Carbocyclic Rings In: Sainsbury, M., ed. Rodd's Chemistry of Carbon Compounds. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp. 217-272. ISBN 04444829431

Sosabowski, J., Zweit, J., Coley, H., Sosabowski, M.H., Wilbur, D.S., Hamlin, D., Carnochan, P. and Judson, I. (1998) Preparation and evaluation of N-acylated anthracycline analogues for radiolabelling with I-124 and Br-76 - potential radiotracers for in vivo assessment of multidrug resistance Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals, 37. pp. 111-113. ISSN 0362-4803

Sosabowski, M.H., Lakoba, E. and Brookes, H. (1997) A study of the electrochemical synthesis of tri-n-butylstannyldiphenylphosphine and of the reaction between chlorodiphenylphosphine and alkyl halides Journal of Chemical Research, 5. pp. 156-157. ISSN 0308-2342

Sosabowski, M.H. and Powell, P. (1997) Coupling of Organotin Reagents with Aryl, Acyl andHeteroaryl Halides. Part 2: Synthesis of ThienylpyridineDerivatives Journal of Chemical Research (Synopses), 1. pp. 12-13.

Sosabowski, M.H., Zweit, J., Coley, H., Carnochan, P. and Judson, I. (1996) Halogenated rhodamine-123 radiotracers for the assessment of multidrug resistance using PET In: South African Society of Nuclear Medicine 7th Biennial Congress and 1st African Congress of Nuclear Medicine.

Sosabowski, M.H., Sosabowski, J., Zweit, J., Coley, H. and Judson, I. (1996) Development of radiolabelled anthracycline anticancer drugs for in vivo studies of multidrug resistance using positron emission tomography European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4 (S1). p. 55.

Sosabowski, M.H. and Powell, P. (1995) Preparation and reaction of some 2-thienyl and 3-thienyl- pyridazinones and -pyridazines Journal of Chemical Research (Synopses), 8. pp. 314-315.

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