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Kristyadi, T., Depredurand, V., Castanet, G., Lemoine, F., SAZHIN, SERGEI, Elwardany, A.E., SAZHINA, ELENA and HEIKAL, MORGAN (2010) Monodisperse monocomponent fuel droplet heating and evaporation Fuel, 89 (12). pp. 3995-4001. ISSN 0016-2361

SAZHIN, SERGEI, Martynov, S.B., Kristyadi, T., CRUA, CYRIL and HEIKAL, MORGAN (2008) Diesel fuel spray penetration, heating, evaporation and ignition: modelling vs. experimentation International Journal of Engineering Systems Modelling and Simulation, 1 (1). pp. 1-19. ISSN 1755-9758

Sazhin, S.S., Shishkova, I.N., Kristyadi, T., Martynov, S.P. and Heikal, M.R. (2008) Droplet heating and evaporation: hydrodynamic and kinetic models Heat Transfer Research, 39 (4). pp. 293-303. ISSN 1064-2285

Maqua, C., Castanet, G., Grisch, F., Lemoine, F., Kristyadi, T. and Sazhin, S.S. (2008) Monodisperse droplet heating and evaporation: experimental study and modelling International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 51 (15-16). pp. 3932-3945. ISSN 0017-9310

Sazhin, S.S., Kristyadi, T., Abdelghaffar, W.A., Begg, S.M., Heikal, M.R., Mikhalovsky, S.V., Meikle, S.T. and Al-Hanbali, O. (2007) Approximate analysis of thermal radiation absorption in fuel droplets Journal of Heat Transfer, 129 (9). pp. 1246-1255. ISSN 0022-1481

Sazhin, S.S., Shishkova, I.N., Kristyadi, T., Martynov, P. and Heikal, M. (2007) Droplet heating and evaporation: hydrodynamic and kinetic models In: 'Advances in Heat Transfer', Proceedings of the Baltic Heat Transfer Conference. St Petersburg Polytechnic University, pp. 405-414.

Sazhin, S.S., Martynov, S., Kristyadi, T., Crua, C. and Heikal, M.R. (2007) Models for droplet heating and evaporation: application to simulation of the autoignition process in diesel engines In: Proceedings of the PTNSS Kongres 2007, Kraków, Poland, 20-22 May, 2007.

Sazhin, S.S., Crua, C., Martynov, S.B., Kristyadi, T. and Heikal, M.R. (2007) Advanced models for droplet heating and evaporation: Effect on the autoignition of diesel fuel sprays In: Proceedings of the 3rd European Combustion Meeting (ECM2007), Crete, Greece, 11-13 April 2007.

Sazhin, S.S., Kristyadi, T., Heikal, M.R., Abdelghaffar, W.A. and Shishkova, I.N. (2007) Fuel droplet heating and evaporation: analysis of liquid and gas phase models In: SAE paper 07SFL-18-2007-01-0019. Society of Automotive Engineers.

Sazhin, S., Kristyadi, T., Abdelghaffar, W.A. and Heikal, M.R. (2006) Models for fuel droplet heating and evaporation: comparative analysis Fuel, 85. pp. 1613-1630. ISSN 0016-2361

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