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Spagnoletti, P., Simpson, G.S., Carroll, R., Régis, J.-M., Blanc, A., Jentschel, M., Koster, U., Mutti, P., Soldner, T., de France, G., Ur, C.A., Urban, W., Bruce, Alison, Drouet, F. and Fraile, L.M. (2017) Half-life of the 15/2 + state of 135I: A test of E2 seniority relations Physical Review C, 95. ISSN 0556-2813

Jolie, J., Régis, J.-M., Wilmsen, D., Saed-Samii, N., Pfeiffer, M., Warr, N., Blanc, A., Jentschel, M., Koester, U., Mutti, P., Soldner, T., Simpson, G.S., de France, G., Urban, W., Drouet, F., Vancraeyenest, A., Bruce, Alison, Roberts, O.J., Fraile, L.M., Paziy, V., Ignatov, A., Kröll, T., Kisyov, S., Lalkovski, S., Podolyak, Zs., Regan, P.H., Wilson, E., Korten, W., Ur, C.A., Lica, R. and Mărginean, R. (2015) Test of the SO(6) selection rule in Pt-196 using cold-neutron capture Nuclear Physics A, 934. pp. 1-7. ISSN 0375-9474

Régis, J.-M., Simpson, G.S., Blanc, A., deFrance, G., Jentschel, M., Köster, U., Mutti, P., Paziy, V., Saed-Samii, N., Soldner, T., Ur, C.A., Urban, W., Bruce, Alison, Drouet, F., Fraile, L.M., Ilieva, S., Jolie, J., Korten, W., Kröll, T., Lalkovski, S., Mach, H., Mărginean, N., Pascovici, G., Podolyak, Zs., Roberts, Oliver, Regan, P.H., Smith, J.F., Townsley, C., Vancraeyenest, A. and Warr, N. (2014) Germanium-gated γ–γ fast timing of excited states in fission fragments using the EXILL&FATIMA spectrometer Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 763. pp. 210-220. ISSN 0168-9002

Régis, J.-M., Jolie, J., Saed-Samii, N., Warr, N., Pfeiffer, M., Blanc, A., Jentschel, M., Koster, U., Mutti, P., Soldner, T., Simpson, G.S., Drouet, F., Vancraeyenest, A., de France, G., Clement, E., Stezowski, O., Ur, C.A., Urban, W., Regan, P.H., Podolyak, Zs., Larijani, C., Townsley, C., Carroll, R., Wilson, E., Fraile, L.M., Mach, H., Paziy, V., Olaizola, B., Vedia, V., Bruce, Alison, Roberts, Oliver, Smith, J.F., Kroll, T., Hartig, A.-L., Ignatov, A., Ilieva, S., Thurauf, M., Lalkovski, S., Ivanova, D., Kisyov, S., Korten, W., Salsac, M.-D., Zielińska, M., Mărginean, N., Ghită, D., Lica, R., Petrache, C.M., Astier, A. and Leguillon, R. (2014) B(E2; 2 +1 → 0+1 ) value in 90Kr Physical Review C. pp. 1-4. ISSN 0556-2813

Aprahamian, A., de Haan, R.C., Börner, H.G., Lehmann, H., Doll, C., Jentschel, M., Bruce, Alison and Piepenbring, R. (2002) Lifetime measurements of excited Kπ=0+ bands in 178Hf Physical Review C, 65 (3). ISSN 0556-2813

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