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Al-Dahan, N., Regan, P.H., Podolyák, Zs., Walker, P.M., Alkhomashi, N., Dracoulis, G.D., Farrelly, G.F., Benlliure, J., Pietri, S.B., Casten, R.F., Stevenson, P.D., Gelletly, W., Steer, S.J., Garnsworthy, A.B., Casarejos, E., Gerl, J., Wollersheim, H.J., Grebosz, J., Gorska, M., Kojouharov, I., Schaffner, H., Algora, A., Benzoni, G., Blazhev, A., Boutachkov, P., Bruce, Alison, Cullen, I.J., Denis Bacelar, A.M., Deo, A.Y., Estevez, M.E., Fujita, Y., Hoischen, R., Kumar, R., Lalkovski, S., Liu, Z., Mason, P.J., Mihai, C., Molina, F., Mücher, D., Rubio, B., Tamii, A., Tashenov, S., Valiente-Dobón, J.J. and Woods, P.J. (2012) Multiple β− decaying states in 194Re: shape evolution in neutron-rich osmium isotopes Physical Review C, 85 (3). ISSN 1089-490X

Walker, P.M., Wood, R.J., Dracoulis, G.D., Kibédi, T., Bark, R.A., Bruce, Alison, Byrne, A.P., Davidson, P.M., El-Masri, H.M., Lane, G.J., Moon, C., Orce, J.N., Prados Estevéz, F.M., Wheldon, C. and Wilson, A.N. (2009) Fast decay of a three-particle isomer in 171Tm Physical Review C, 79 (4). ISSN 1089-490X

Judson, D.S., Bruce, Alison, Kibedi, T., Dracoulis, G.D., Byrne, A.P., Lane, G.J., Maier, K.H., Moon, C.-B., Nieminen, P., Orce, J.N. and Taylor, M.J. (2007) Structure of the isomeric states in 123,125Sb Physical Review C, 76. pp. 1-7. ISSN 1089-490X

Orce, J.N., Bruce, Alison, Emmanouilidis, A., Byrne, A.P., Dracoulis, G.D., Kibédi, T., Caamaño, M., El-Masri, H., Pearson, C.J., Podolyák, Zs., Stevenson, P.D., Walker, P.M., Xu, F.R., Cullen, D.M. and Wheldon, C. (2006) Shape-driving effects in the triaxial nucleus, 128Xe Physical Review C, 74 (3). ISSN 0556-2813

El-Masri, H.M., Walker, P.M., Dracoulis, G.D., Kibedi, T., Byrne, A.P., Bruce, Alison, Orce, J.N., Emmanouilidis, A., Cullen, D.M., Wheldon, C. and Xu, F.R. (2005) High-K states in the odd-odd nuclide 180Re Physical Review C, 72 (5). ISSN 0556-2813

Wheldon, C., Stuchbery, A.E., Wilson, A.N., Dracoulis, G.D., Bruce, Alison, Bark, R.A., Byrne, A.P., Prados-Estevez, F.M., Lane, G.J., Moon, C.-B., Orce, J.N. and Wood, R. (2004) Electromagnetic properties of pseudo-Nilsson bands in 185Os The European Physical Journal A - Hadrons and Nuclei, 19 (3). pp. 319-325. ISSN 1434-6001

Thwaites, C., Wheldon, C., Bruce, Alison, Walker, P.M., Dracoulis, G.D., Byrne, A.P., Kibédi, T., Kondev, F.G., Pearson, C.J. and Purry, C.S. (2002) Persistence of K isomerism in the N=104 isotones: observation of a high-seniority isomer in 179Re Physical Review C, 66 (5). ISSN 0556-2813

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