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Kinsman, Leigh, Buykx, Penny, Cant, Robyn, Champion, Robert, Cooper, Simon, Endacott, Ruth, McConnell-Henry, Tracy, Missen, Karen, Porter, Jo and Scholes, Julie (2012) The FIRST2ACT simulation program improves nursing practice in a rural Australian hospital Australian Journal Of Rural Health, 20 (5). pp. 270-274. ISSN 1038-5282

Buykx, Penny, Cooper, Simon, Kinsman, Leigh, Endacott, Ruth, Scholes, Julie, McConnell-Henry, Tracy and Cant, Robyn (2012) Patient deterioration simulation experiences: impact on teaching and learning Collegian, 19 (3). pp. 125-129. ISSN 1322-7696

Scholes, Julie, Endacott, Ruth, Biro, Mary Anne, Bulle, Bree, Cooper, Simon, Miles, Maureen, Gilmour, Carole, Buykx, Penny, Kinsman, Leigh, Boland, Rosemarie, Jones, Jan and Zaidi, F. (2012) Clinical decision-making: midwifery students' recognition of, and response to, post partum haemorrhage in the simulation environment BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 12 (19). pp. 1-12. ISSN 1471-2393

Endacott, Ruth, Scholes, Julie, Cooper, Simon, McConnell-Henry, Tracy, Porter, Jo, Missen, Karen, Kinsman, Leigh and Champion, Robert (2011) Identifying patient deterioration: using simulation and reflective interviewing to examine decision making skills in a rural hospital International Journal of Nursing Studies, 49 (6). pp. 710-717. ISSN 0020-7489

Buykx, Penny, Kinsman, Leigh, Cooper, Simon, McConnell-Henry, Tracy, Cant, Robyn, Endacott, Ruth and Scholes, Julie (2011) FIRST2ACT: educating nurses to identify patient deterioration — a theory-based model for best practice simulation education Nurse Education Today, 31 (7). ISSN 0260-6917

Cooper, Simon, McConnell-Henry, T., Cant, R., Porter, J., Missen, K., Kinsman, L., Endacott, R. and Scholes, Julie (2011) Managing deteriorating patients: registered nurses' performance in a simulated setting The Open Nursing Journal, 5. pp. 120-126. ISSN 1874-4346

Cooper, Simon, Bulle, Bree, Biro, Mary Anne, Jones, Jan, Miles, Maureen, Gilmour, Carole, Buykx, Penny, Boland, Rosemarie, Kinsman, Leigh, Scholes, Julie and Endacott, Ruth (2011) Managing women with acute physiological deterioration: student midwives performance in a simulated setting Women and Birth. ISSN 1878-1799

Endacott, Ruth, Scholes, Julie, Buykx, Penny, Cooper, Simon, Kinsman, Leigh and McConnell-Henry, Tracy (2010) Final-year nursing students' ability to assess, detect and act on clinical cues of deterioration in a simulated environment Journal of Advanced Nursing, 66 (12). pp. 2722-2731. ISSN 0309-2402

Cooper, Simon, Kinsman, Leigh, Buykx, Penny, McConnell-Henry, Tracy, Endacott, Ruth and Scholes, Julie (2010) Managing the deteriorating patient in a simulated environment: nursing students' knowledge, skill and situation awareness Journal of Clinical Nursing, 19 (15-16). pp. 2309-2318. ISSN 0962-1067

Endacott, Ruth, Scholes, Julie, Freeman, Marnie and Cooper, Simon (2003) The reality of clinical learning in critical care settings: a practitioner:student gap? Journal of Clinical Nursing, 12 (5). pp. 778-785. ISSN 0962-1067

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