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Steer, S.J., Podolyák, Zs., Pietri, S., Gorska, M., Grawe, H., Maier, K.H., Regan, P.H., Rudolph, D., Garnsworthy, A.B., Hoischen, R., Gerl, J., Wollersheim, H.J., Becker, F., Bednarczyk, P., Caceres, L., Doornenbal, P., Geissel, H., Grebosz, J., Kelic, A., Kojouharov, I., Kurz, N., Montes, F., Prokopowicz, W., Saito, T., Schaffner, H., Tashenov, S., Heinz, A., Pfutzner, M, Kurtukian-Nieto, T., Benzoni, G., Jungclaus, A., Balabanski, D.L., Bowry, M., Brandau, C., Brown, A., Bruce, A.M., Catford, W.N., Cullen, I.J., Dombradi, Zs., Estevez, M.E., Gelletly, W., Ilie, G., Jolie, J., Jones, G.A., Kmiecik, M., Kondev, F.G., Krücken, R., Lalkovski, S., Liu, Z., Maj, A., Myalski, S., Schwertel, S., Shizuma, T., Walker, P.M., Werner-Malento, E. and Wieland, O. (2011) Isomeric states observed in heavy neutron-rich nuclei populated in the fragmentation of a 208Pb beam Physical Review C, 84 (4). ISSN 1089-490X

Morales, A.I., Benlliure, J., Agramunt, J., Algora, A., Alkhomashi, N., Alvarez-Pol, H., Boutachkov, P., Bruce, A.M., Caceres, L., Casarejos, E., Denis Bacelar, A.M., Doornenbal, P., Dragosavac, D., Farrelly, G., Gadea, A., Gelletly, W., Gerl, J., Gorska, M., Grebosz, J., Kojouharov, I., Molina, F., Perez-Loureiro, D., Pietri, S., Podolyák, Z., Regan, P.H., Rubio, B., Shaffner, H., Steer, S.J., Tashenov, S., Verma, S. and Wollersheim, H.J. (2011) Synthesis of N=127 isotones through (p,n) charge-exchange reactions induced by relativistic 208Pb projectiles Physical Review C, 84 (1). ISSN 1089-490X

Pietri, S., Jungclaus, A., Gorska, M., Grawe, H., Pfutzner, M., Caceres, L., Detistov, P., Lalkovski, S., Modamio, V., Podolyák, Z., Regan, P.H., Rudolph, D., Walker, J., Werner-Malento, E., Bednarczyk, P., Doomenbal, P., Geissel, H., Gerl, J., Grebosz, J., Kojouharov, I., Kurz, N., Prokopowicz, W., Schaffner, H., Wollersheim, H.J., Andgren, K., Benlliure, J., Benzoni, G., Bruce, A.M., Casarejos, E., Cederwall, B., Crespi, F.C.L., Hadinia, B., Hellström, M., Hoischen, R., Ilie, G., Khaplanov, A., Kmiecik, M., Kumar, R., Maj, A., Mandal, S., Montes, F., Myalski, S., Simpson, G., Steer, S.J., Tashenov, S. and Wieland, O. (2011) First observation of the decay of a 15- seniority v=4 isomer in 128Sn Physical Review C, 83 (4). ISSN 0556-2813

Bruce, A.M., Lalkovski, S., Denis-Bacelar, A.M., Gorska, M., Pietri, S., Podolyák, Z., Shi, Y., Walker, P.M., Xu, F.R., Bednarczyk, P., Caceres, L., Caserejos, E., Cullen, I.J., Doornenbal, P., Farrelly, G.F., Garnsworthy, A.B., Geissel, H., Gelletly, W., Gerl, J., Grebosz, J., Hinke, C., Ilie, G., Jaworski, G., Kojouharov, I., Kurz, N., Myalski, S., Palacz, M., Prokopowicz, W., Regan, P.H., Schaffner, H., Steer, S., Tashenov, S. and Wollersheim, H.J. (2010) Shape coexistence and isomeric states in neutron-rich 112Tc and 113Tc Physical Review C, 82 (4). ISSN 1089-490X

Podolyák, Zs., Farrelly, G.F., Regan, P.H., Garnsworthy, A.B., Steer, S.J., Górska, M., Benlliure, J., Casarejos, E., Pietri, S., Gerl, J., Wollersheim, H.J., Kumar, R., Molina, F., Algora, A., Alkhomashi, N., Benzoni, G., Blazhev, A., Boutachkov, P., Bruce, A.M., Caceres, L., Cullen, I.J., Denis-Bacelar, A.M., Doornenbal, P., Estevez, M.E., Fujita, Y., Gelletly, W., Geissel, H., Grawe, H., Grëbosz, J., Hoischen, R., Kojouharov, I., Lalkovski, S., Liu, Z., Maier, K.H., Mihai, C., Mücher, D., Rubio, B., Schaffner, H., Tamil, A., Tashenov, S., Valiente-Dobón, J.J., Walker, P.M. and Woods, P.J. (2009) Proton-hole excitation in the closed shell nucleus 205Au Physics Letters B, 672 (2). pp. 116-119. ISSN 0370-2693

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