Influence of basic red 1 dye adsorption on thermal stability of Na-clinoptilolite and Na-bentonite

Sternik, D., Majdan, M., Derylo-Marczewska, G., Zukocinski, G., Gladysz-plaska, A. and Gun'ko, V.M. (2011) Influence of basic red 1 dye adsorption on thermal stability of Na-clinoptilolite and Na-bentonite Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 103 (2). pp. 607-615. ISSN 1388-6150

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Influence of physically adsorbed basic red 1 (BR1) dye on the physicochemical properties of natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) and clay (bentonite) was compared using adsorption, FTIR, and TG/DTA methods. A larger adsorption of the dye was observed for bentonite (0.143 mmol/g) than for clinoptilolite (0.0614 mmol/g) per gram of an adsorbent. However, the adsorption values are the same per surface unit (1.8 μmol/m2). The result (per gram) is due to location of dye molecules in interlayer and interparticle space of bentonite with much larger specific surface area than that of clinoptilolite. The dye adsorption leads to a decrease in the specific surface area and the pore volume of both minerals. The adsorption changes also a character of active sites and thermal stability. A TG study shows that the dye adsorption on bentonite changes adsorbed water amounts, weight loss, and decomposition temperature. In the case of zeolite, the dye adsorption insignificantly influences the thermal stability. The dehydration energy distributions calculated from the Q-TG and Q-DTG data demonstrate a complex mechanism of water thermodesorption and the influence of adsorbed dye on this process.

Item Type: Journal article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Dye adsorption; Rhodamine 6G; Surface heterogeneity; Pore size analysis; Aluminosilicate
Subjects: C000 Biological and Biomedical Sciences
DOI (a stable link to the resource): 10.1007/s10973-010-1014-3
Faculties: Faculty of Science and Engineering > School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences
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Date Deposited: 29 Sep 2010 13:27
Last Modified: 21 Aug 2013 09:08

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